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This just in!

I have received information from an inside source confirming there are, in fact, assholes in the world!

All of our suspicions have been confirmed! Turns out in America you are allowed to say whatever you want no matter how offensive and subsequently some people use said power in a distasteful manner!

The horror! THE HORROR!!!


If you have been paying attention to any of the popular online media sources like HuffPo or Buzzfeed you have surely come across curated collections of testimony from supposed targets of racial harassment.

Now I must say I am highly skeptical of these sort of stories unless they include video. Not even pictures suffice these days with all the fraudulent bullshit the left has tried to pull during this election cycle.

However, let’s just say for the sake of argument that these experiences people are having are real.

What does Trump have to do with any of it?

What would be different had Hillary won the election?

If you are going to claim that with a Hillary victory these kind of experiences would cease to exist then you must also admit that you do not believe in freedom of speech and would in fact actively seek to silence those with whom you disagree.

Their narrative is ridiculous. Like Gavin Mcinness has been saying lately; What is their scenario? What do they foresee as being the new normal under a trump presidency? Do they actually believe swaths of Trump supporters are going to go around beating up handicapped kids, whipping Mexicans and lynching blacks because “Trump is president! It’s legal now! Yeeehaw!”

That world doesn’t exist. None of us find that kind of behavior acceptable. So what then are they talking about?

I recently saw a friend post on facebook about the sudden upswing in racist activity that has hit the radar.

In his post he stated that he has no problem with Trump aside from the “mental platform” that he has provided for racists to become more vocal in this country.

Now if I am interpreting what he wrote correctly, he is saying he feels Trumps election has made it easier and much more socially acceptable for racists to be dickheads. Because the average non-racist American is so fed up with the PC and safe space culture that has dominated the country for the past 8 years, he/she is unsympathetic when real incidents of non-violent racism take place.

There may be some truth there. And unfortunately for you anti-Trump lefties out there that is the cultural bed you have made for yourselves and you are going to have to sleep in it.

Now this friend of mine also mentioned in and his post some feelings he had about nationalism and his role as the first generation (I’m guessing since he said his parents didn’t speak English well) of natural born citizens in his family. 

And there’s plenty of discussion to be had on such topics. However, right now what is important is that we do not allow this safe space propaganda to affect our lives negatively.

America has spoken. Trump is in. We made that decision collectively, and we did it confidently. The margin says it all.

Now we must be sure that we do not allow the left, and the swaths of SJW’s rioting in the streets to make us feel guilty.

We need to treat our neighbors as we’d like to be treated. We all know that. Some people aren’t going to follow said golden rule and that sucks.

But as far as collective outrage goes? Over name calling and racial slurs?

Toughen up. Come get us when you get pulled out of your car and beaten for being a Hillary supporter. Anything short of that… 

Shut the fuck up and get out of the way.

We have an economy to fix.