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A Reluctant, but Conservative Argument for Trump…

I am disappointed.

The debate tonight was horrendous. If it wasn’t for all the fun I was having on Twitter I might even have shut it off.

It seemed very obvious to me who Fox wanted to look good. *cough* Bush *Cough*

But I guess I should have expected that out of them as they are literally the most establishment media source on the right.

What bugged me even more was how much I really enjoyed what Rubio had to say.

Someone has got to get that fool squared away on immigration so I can vote for him because I am sorry but that is a deal breaker.

And Ted… What the fuck Ted… What was that?

Not only did you whine like a bitch… But you acted like an arrogant fool.


Thats why we all like you. You do not wear arrogance well. That was evident tonight…

Speaking of the Donald…




Well played DT… Well played indeed…


Here’s the deal folks:


I am about to lay some truth on you so listen up. It is a harsh truth. One I like no more than the rest of you.


And that’s the gamble right?

He has a shady record for sure. He’s not a conservative by any means. But he is brilliant and he is a business man.

I don’t want any deals struck with Mitch McConnell or Chuck Schumer. I don’t want deals made with anyone.

What I want is someone like Cruzer who will get up and fight for my principles. But even now… A day and age I thought I’d never see if you had asked me in 2012… Where Ted Cruz is an actual front runner… WE MAY NOT HAVE THAT LUXURY.


Our country will not make it through the next presidential term no matter who the president is if we do not get our economy under control and our borders LOCKED THE FUCK UP!

Marco Rubio is soft on immigration = NOT AN OPTION

Ted Cruz not positive can beat Hillary = NOT AN OPTION

Which leaves us with who?

Donald Trump might be the worst president in the history of the United States when it comes to actual conservative principles. But he might be the handful of sand we need to win this boxing match.

I listened to Mark Levin speak all afternoon about how Trump is not a conservative and how low is favorability ratings are and blah blah blah blah blah

“Don’t give up on our guys now!” he says! “Never abandon your principles!” he says!

Yeah Mark… You are right. If nothing else our principles should be the one thing we hold dearest to our hearts and minds.

I should be willing to die for my principles. And I am…

But brother I ain’t in the business of dying.

Especially not when I think we might actually have a shot at turning this thing around. Even if that means voting for someone who is not as principled as we are in order to beat Hillary.

Ted Cruz – Not sure if he can win the primary let alone beat Hillary : NO GO

Donald Trump – Don’t know if I trust him but at least he can win : ….hmmm

A vote for Donald Trump may not be a vote for a principled America.

And it certainly isn’t a vote for a perfect America.

But it is a vote for a surviving America.

Every now and again you have got to throw a hand full of sand to win the fight even though it goes against your principles. Every now and then you have to go against your principles in order to save them.

Donald Trump may ruin this country.

But his tax plan and immigration policies alone will turn the economy around in the blink of an eye.

Can we trust him to follow through? I don’t know.

But in a country where to this day the majority of people in America DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO TED CRUZ IS!!!

…I’ll take my chances with the big name.


Take a young commie under your wing!

Far to many old stuffy conservatives these days really don’t understand the problem at hand.

I  am always bitching about the problem at hand and thinking about ways to fix it on a large scale. These solutions usually involve a nuclear warhead or two and an undiscovered tropical paradise inhabited by beautiful capitalistic native women and an endless supply of fresh fish tacos.

What a guy can’t dream?

That in mind, one thing I have taken to all my life is becoming friends with my enemies (applies to my generation only.)

When I first started doing this it was primarily inspired by the passion that was exhibited by these people. Sure they stood against everything I stood for… but at least they gave a damn.

While this is still a primary factor in my friend selection I have realized over the years (mostly throughout high school) that the more I got to know these enemies of mine, the more I had in common with them.

See, it turns out pretty much everyone wants the same thing. Comfort, recreation and ease of living. The conversation takes a savage turn when any two opposing people discuss how to get there.

The problem with traditional Americans today is they don’t understand… AND I MEAN THEY REALLY HAVE NOT A FREAKIN CLUE! …as to how lost/indoctrinated/immature the younger generations are. And they have no one to blame but themselves. After all they did “raise” us.

That in mind I have made an observation. Anyone who as ever spent much time watching an “SJW” spew their bullshit knows it comes with a fiery wrath. One of passion and determination.

That fire… That drive… That refusal to stand down is a beautiful thing. It’s a very American thing.

It’s just misguided.

Now if we could somehow harness that energy and set it on the right track for their sake (let alone our own) we would have a pretty badass generation if you ask me.

Now don’t get me wrong, their are a lot of thumbsuckers out there looking for a handout.

The true socialist/anti-white/anti-male/anti-heterosexual bigots are out there.

But just like the true racists on the right give the right a bad name, the bigots on the left give a bad name to all on the left (even if the vast majority are indeed bad 😂.)

If I was fed the same rhetoric most hipster SJW millennials were growing up I may not be much different. Half of these kids don’t even know what it means to be objective, they have never been made to.

Hell, the sources they use on their college essays are curated by the Goddamn college!

My point is that if you told me that I live in America the land of the free and the home of the brave…

and that I should be proud and thankful because I live in the greatest country on earth…

but then told me it was only made great by leading partial genocide on “The Redman”

I would tell you to go fornicate yourself (in the words of @scrowder)

And with Howard Zinn included in our schools and real history/education left out… thats exactly what these kids are doing.

So take a baby Bernie under your wing, show them what’s what… You may find out they are more intelligent than you had once thought and that they are just locked into the narrative to tightly.

and if they turn out to be unsalvageable you can always mock them for entertainment purposes 😉

Marriage v. Preferred Adult Relationships

I am typically not one to get into it over gay marriage. I don’t believe the state should be involved in marriage at all so whether or not it is legal for two men get hitched matters very little to me.

However, the redefinition of words… Now that pisses me off.

Marriage is between a man and a woman. There is documentation backing this statement that dates back to more than 2,000 years ago!

Anything besides one man and one woman is an “adult relationship.”

two men = adult relationship

two women = adult relationship

two men one woman = adult relationship

two women one man = adult relationship

two women and Hillary Clinton = one really f*cked up adult relationship

sexual relationships involving four people = adult relationships

Any sort of relationship that is not a union of sexually complimentary spouses is not a marriage.

Check this video out for some more insight into why equality is the most important thing to straight conservatives. I know it’s crazy right? We aren’t all evil! Who’d a thunk it!?

Stupid millennials don’t know a thing about life! Let alone politics!

I called into the Medved show the other day during a segment in which Michael was discussing young people and there involvement with politics.

He had many other callers prior to me, talking about how “Millennials just don’t care about politics.” and that those that do “are just stupid and naive”

All of this is true…

But I did not hear a single person question why that was!

This prompted me to call in.

You see I don’t know if any of these other callers had children of their own. But I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that none of them had/have children.

Still their comments were very silly. They all commented so emotionally, stressing how they felt about the issue. Anger, despair, confusion, all of these emotions could be heard in the voices of Michael’s callers during the segment.

These emotions however, are in response to actions committed by the wrong group of people.

The youth are young. They are kids, without any life experience. That is the very reason why we distinguish them with words like youth and young!

So how can you blame them for acting based on the knowledge that they have? It’s all that they have!

Who they really should be blaming are those who raised this generation of dummies!


Any person who has children of their own, better not utter a single complaint about the ignorance of the youth unless said person’s child is on par with their standards.

We can’t blame the education system for two reasons.

#1 The education system ANSWERS TO YOU!!!

If the education system in your community is failing to teach kids to critically think by indoctrinating children into a narrow minded state, or by avoiding said topics all together THAT IS THE FAULT OF THE PARENTS IN THE COMMUNITY!

#2 Raising a child is the job of THE PARENT AND NO ONE ELSE!!!


Now it’s one thing for discussion on certain topics to be present in the classroom such as economics or science, so long as accurate history is taught to our students. But once again all these things fall back on the taxpayer AKA the parents.

What do your kids know about the world around them? Are you really surprised by the way that our youth think? Take a look at their role models for christ’s sake!

If you are surprised because you think your kids know what’s what, I recommend you talk to them about controversial topics. Odds are if you have never thought about the state of our youth in this manner, your child’s answer to your questions will surprise you.

btw Mikey agreed with me 😎

If you think that bipartisanship is a good thing… You are a silly goose!

There was a time in this country when the constitution meant something.

A time when people valued the republic. 

A time when people had convictions.

A time when men and women worked hard and fought everyday for a better life for their offspring.

A time when men and women only gave up their freedom by way of a lead slug through flesh.

It was a time when debate took place in the political game.

This was a long long time ago, in a galaxy one could only assume was far away.

Unfortunately it wasn’t so far away. Only unfortunate in the sense that as a fact, that statement is an admission of our loss.

That time has not faded away. That value did not just disappear.

It was engineered out of the system entirely by progressives. (Satan’s army)

We live in a day and age where political debate does not exist. Instead, we have political war.

There is no longer any common ground to stand on in this country, and so by default civilized debate cannot take place.

We are a country of two, completely different, conflicting ideologies. Those who do, and those who want to thieve from those who do. We have those who want to be left alone, and those who want to control. We have ignorance and indoctrination.

No longer do we vote on social issues as was intended. No longer does the area immediately around you reflect your views as was intended. No longer does the federal government occupy three very specific duties and only those three specific duties as was intended.

We live in a democracy… A place where anything goes…

The Constitutional Republic we once lived in is gone…

And so when someone mentions bipartisanship to me, I redden with anger.

Bipartisanship is not a good thing, why on earth would I ever want someone representing me to compromise on any of the values I based my vote upon? Why on earth would I want him/her to reach across the isle?

I want the politician that throws the middle finger up all day everyday across that isle, and fights tooth and nail against every single thing that comes across his desk that is not constitutionally legal. I want the politician that stands up, sticks his finger in the chest of each progressive in the room, and makes them aware of their lack of soul.

I want a politician that make life on Capital Hill a living frigging hell every day of the week, so that I don’t have to myself.

Bipartisanship can kiss my CONSTITUTIONAL ASS!

Can I have the attention of all you baby murdering, smack shooting, capitalists out there? STFU this election!!!

Earlier today I was reading Ann Coulter’s column (damn, I wish she was younger). In today’s column she talked about how young people never change, and if I understood the piece correctly, how we as conservatives need to adapt to that.

The point here is this, when wolves try to take down an elk, the pack works their way around the herd, and splits them up, making them weaker and more vulnerable.

Progressives do the same thing.

They have the conservatives of America at each others throats over trivial things. Things like the legalization of drugs and abortion. Social issues.

All these things do is make us weaker, and while I know it hurts, we need to look past these social issues, and see the big picture.


Earlier this week I had a friend ask me if I considered myself a libertarian or a conservative, and I told him neither. I told him that I am a traditional liberal. He was puzzled at this, and asked me how that could be, and so I explained…

We live in a constitutional republic. Period. That is a fact, a fact that has been, and is being ignored daily in our country. This is not a democracy. The only time one could use the word “democracy” to describe what we have, is right after the word “representative” and even then, this phrase is only properly used when discussing how we legislate.

We are a constitutional republic founded on economic and moral principles that our founding fathers put in ink for us during the framing of this great nation. They were things to be accepted, they were the platform of common ground for which we could stand upon during debate.

These principles where never intended to be questioned, for if they were the entire system would collapse. Much like the physical world would if the laws of physics were inconsistent.

It does not matter what the issues of debate are, debate cannot take place, without an established common ground by both parties.

If one is to discuss ethics/morals, one has to decide who’s ethics or morals will define right and wrong before approaching an issue in this area.

If one is to debate the best way to solve a problem, one must first establish that both parties agree there is a problem and that it does in fact need fixing.

This is why our constitutional republic has been so effective for so many years.

but things have changed…

There is a two party system (which is a fact of any effective system btw so stop bitching!)

and within this two party system the American public must choose between the lesser of two evil’s…

Only these days our common ground is being questioned…

Though unfortunate, it is logically simple.

Therefore by today’s standards I do not get to be a liberal. I call my self a constitutional conservative, and will vote for the republican candidate in 2016.

…And no, that candidate will not be perfect. In fact, he or she (though I really hope its he) will more than likely be very flawed. Hell, this candidate might even be a socialist, a RINO.

But we need to take this country back, and make it great as it once was, and electing republicans is the first step in doing so.

I want to take this country back to the days when I would have had the luxury of calling myself a liberal. When in my own, young, inexperienced opinion, I could fight with the old timers about social issues.

We need to establish our constitution once again as the supreme law of the land, and allow ourselves the luxury of debate. Because without common ground, debate is not debate, but rather it is something far more bloody, war.

And so I leave you with a quote from good ol’ Beck


-Glenn Beck

One step at a time America!

So to all you fiscally conservative college kids out there, who just can’t seem to figure out how a God damn condom goes on, please drop the abortion thing for a while, and focus on the fundamentals in this upcoming election.

Let’s take our common ground back.