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Quick Notes: Democracy, Mob Rule and an Immature Electorate

As you already know, the left (millennials specifically), have broken out into temper tantrums all over the country.

Business as usual…
Why you might ask? 

Because they’re unhappy with the outcome of our presidential election. 

It’s really quite a comedic display of immaturity. What outcome do they seek? 

Whether or not you like the outcome of our election process does not matter. It is in fact, and will remain so, objective reality.

You can bitch and complain all you want about our blue sky if you wish it to be purple. Yet that does not change the fact that it is blue and shall remain so, so long as the laws of physics remain in effect.

But that’s just it. The left, millennials, do not wish for the laws of physics to remain in effect.

They do not care that the laws of physics provide us with a structure that allows for an environment possessing the characteristics necessary to afford us life. And not just life, but a life that we may improve.

In case I have lost you with my tangent, “stream of consciousness” metaphor, I am referring to the constitution. 

You see the millennials have long ago been robbed of the knowledge that we do not live in a democracy. Rather we live in a constitutional republic.

Now, throughout high school and more than likely middle school as well, they would/will have encountered history and/or civics teachers that will tell them there is no difference between a republic and a democracy.

They will claim that the literal definition of republic is democracy. 

Well, if that is the case then why do we not call it a constitutional democracy? 

Furthermore why am I always corrected when I call it a constitutional republic if they mean the same thing?

Why do so many refuse to use the word republic?

Why did James Madison write about the difference?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, you probably have not been paying attention to the pleas of many leftists, and even Republicans in this past election cycle.

By swapping the word republic for the word democracy, it is much easier to entertain ideas contradictory to our constitution when they are popular among the masses.

It’s a tactic the left uses all the time. 

They are able to make abortion more palatable by swapping the word baby for fetus. 

Just as they’re able to to lessen the perceived criminality of illegal immigrants by swapping the word illegal for undocumented.

It’s genius, and one of the oldest tricks in the book.

OK, so what exactly are they trying to change about our electoral process?

The most prominent issue at the moment…

The Electoral College.

They claim it is no longer necessary, and bitch every time their candidate wins the popular vote but loses the electoral vote.

As we established earlier, we do not live in a democracy where the mob rules. We live in a constitutional republic and as such the founders laid out a structure that ensures every state gets to participate in federal arrangements. All 50 sovereign states. (Even the small ones with fewer people)

If you don’t know how the electoral college works refer to Article 2 of the United States Constitution which you should own a copy of.

If you don’t…🙄

Go check out the PragerU video about it or visit the National Archives and Records Administration’s website.

The founders designed the electoral college in such a way that promotes unity of the states. It forces presidential nominees to campaign and address the issues of all Americans. 

You see the left looks at it wrong. They look at it from the standpoint of the individual and not from the standpoint of the states.

We are not electing a leader to lead us as individuals. We already have one of those; that leader is called a governor. We are electing a leader to lead us as sovereign states.

Ignoring rural areas with smaller populations is not only morally wrong, but it is also a recipe for disaster. It’s a great way to cause conflict between states. Do I really need to remind you of the French Revolution?

I know many college aged New Yorkers couldn’t give a shit less about what a bunch of “God fearing, sister fucking hicks” in the middle of the country want… but they really ought to rethink it. Those states are important too… Many of them grow your food. 

If the rioting and the childish temper tantrums are not enough to prove to you we are failing our country’s youth (and subsequently our country) in building well informed, intelligent, mature members of society, maybe their latest petition will.

How can we ever expect America to live on after we pass if the generation we are handing it down to doesn’t even understand what it’s about?


Post election thoughts

I sat in traffic for 45 minutes this morning to go 15 miles… And I smiled the whole Goddamn way.

When I finally got to work I pounded a rebull and two coffees to fight off the symptoms of sleep deprivation. Which of course sent me straight to the restroom so that I may listen to my bowels tell me how much they hate me. I smiled throughout the duration of that experience as well.

I smiled not because Donald Trump won.

I didn’t smile because his policies will usher in a new era of economic prosperity if enacted as he has promised.

I didn’t smile because his understanding of the dangers to American safety will ensure that my mother, sister and girlfriend can go out into public without fear of getting gang raped by sharia law enthusiasts.

I didn’t smile because rule of law may once again be restored in our political process.

And I didn’t smile because the #NeverTrumpers got it stuck in there ass. (Okay well maybe a little 😏)

Hehehe 😂😂😂

While thoughts of these things have enhanced my joyous mood… they are not the cause.

I am joyous not because Trump won, but because Hillary lost.

Her defeat illustrates America’s understanding of where we have been headed for the past 8 years.

Her defeat symbolizes hope for the survival of the western world.

It is true, we do indeed have our work cut out for us.

We took back the presidency. We have taken back the high ground. It is time to kick them while they are down and make damn sure they do not get back up.

We need to be vigilant in not only holding President Trump to his promises but also in the education of the next generation. We need to be sure they know just how close we came to losing it all. 

I believe Trump will do what he says he is going to do. But whether he does or not is a matter for tomorrow. 

Tomorrow we can rally the troops and discuss our next plan of attack. 

But today I’m going to enjoy the ocean breeze here in sunny Southern California.

I’m going to smell flowers, pet furry animals of all shapes and sizes and smile at strangers. 

I’m going to take comfort in knowing that though we came close…

Though the end of the western world and human progress was just around the corner…

America still had enough sense to say… 

lol! Well… 

In the words of Michael Moore –


…Hell! I might even go to church this Sunday.

A Reluctant, but Conservative Argument for Trump…

I am disappointed.

The debate tonight was horrendous. If it wasn’t for all the fun I was having on Twitter I might even have shut it off.

It seemed very obvious to me who Fox wanted to look good. *cough* Bush *Cough*

But I guess I should have expected that out of them as they are literally the most establishment media source on the right.

What bugged me even more was how much I really enjoyed what Rubio had to say.

Someone has got to get that fool squared away on immigration so I can vote for him because I am sorry but that is a deal breaker.

And Ted… What the fuck Ted… What was that?

Not only did you whine like a bitch… But you acted like an arrogant fool.


Thats why we all like you. You do not wear arrogance well. That was evident tonight…

Speaking of the Donald…




Well played DT… Well played indeed…


Here’s the deal folks:


I am about to lay some truth on you so listen up. It is a harsh truth. One I like no more than the rest of you.


And that’s the gamble right?

He has a shady record for sure. He’s not a conservative by any means. But he is brilliant and he is a business man.

I don’t want any deals struck with Mitch McConnell or Chuck Schumer. I don’t want deals made with anyone.

What I want is someone like Cruzer who will get up and fight for my principles. But even now… A day and age I thought I’d never see if you had asked me in 2012… Where Ted Cruz is an actual front runner… WE MAY NOT HAVE THAT LUXURY.


Our country will not make it through the next presidential term no matter who the president is if we do not get our economy under control and our borders LOCKED THE FUCK UP!

Marco Rubio is soft on immigration = NOT AN OPTION

Ted Cruz not positive can beat Hillary = NOT AN OPTION

Which leaves us with who?

Donald Trump might be the worst president in the history of the United States when it comes to actual conservative principles. But he might be the handful of sand we need to win this boxing match.

I listened to Mark Levin speak all afternoon about how Trump is not a conservative and how low is favorability ratings are and blah blah blah blah blah

“Don’t give up on our guys now!” he says! “Never abandon your principles!” he says!

Yeah Mark… You are right. If nothing else our principles should be the one thing we hold dearest to our hearts and minds.

I should be willing to die for my principles. And I am…

But brother I ain’t in the business of dying.

Especially not when I think we might actually have a shot at turning this thing around. Even if that means voting for someone who is not as principled as we are in order to beat Hillary.

Ted Cruz – Not sure if he can win the primary let alone beat Hillary : NO GO

Donald Trump – Don’t know if I trust him but at least he can win : ….hmmm

A vote for Donald Trump may not be a vote for a principled America.

And it certainly isn’t a vote for a perfect America.

But it is a vote for a surviving America.

Every now and again you have got to throw a hand full of sand to win the fight even though it goes against your principles. Every now and then you have to go against your principles in order to save them.

Donald Trump may ruin this country.

But his tax plan and immigration policies alone will turn the economy around in the blink of an eye.

Can we trust him to follow through? I don’t know.

But in a country where to this day the majority of people in America DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO TED CRUZ IS!!!

…I’ll take my chances with the big name.

Take a young commie under your wing!

Far to many old stuffy conservatives these days really don’t understand the problem at hand.

I  am always bitching about the problem at hand and thinking about ways to fix it on a large scale. These solutions usually involve a nuclear warhead or two and an undiscovered tropical paradise inhabited by beautiful capitalistic native women and an endless supply of fresh fish tacos.

What a guy can’t dream?

That in mind, one thing I have taken to all my life is becoming friends with my enemies (applies to my generation only.)

When I first started doing this it was primarily inspired by the passion that was exhibited by these people. Sure they stood against everything I stood for… but at least they gave a damn.

While this is still a primary factor in my friend selection I have realized over the years (mostly throughout high school) that the more I got to know these enemies of mine, the more I had in common with them.

See, it turns out pretty much everyone wants the same thing. Comfort, recreation and ease of living. The conversation takes a savage turn when any two opposing people discuss how to get there.

The problem with traditional Americans today is they don’t understand… AND I MEAN THEY REALLY HAVE NOT A FREAKIN CLUE! …as to how lost/indoctrinated/immature the younger generations are. And they have no one to blame but themselves. After all they did “raise” us.

That in mind I have made an observation. Anyone who as ever spent much time watching an “SJW” spew their bullshit knows it comes with a fiery wrath. One of passion and determination.

That fire… That drive… That refusal to stand down is a beautiful thing. It’s a very American thing.

It’s just misguided.

Now if we could somehow harness that energy and set it on the right track for their sake (let alone our own) we would have a pretty badass generation if you ask me.

Now don’t get me wrong, their are a lot of thumbsuckers out there looking for a handout.

The true socialist/anti-white/anti-male/anti-heterosexual bigots are out there.

But just like the true racists on the right give the right a bad name, the bigots on the left give a bad name to all on the left (even if the vast majority are indeed bad 😂.)

If I was fed the same rhetoric most hipster SJW millennials were growing up I may not be much different. Half of these kids don’t even know what it means to be objective, they have never been made to.

Hell, the sources they use on their college essays are curated by the Goddamn college!

My point is that if you told me that I live in America the land of the free and the home of the brave…

and that I should be proud and thankful because I live in the greatest country on earth…

but then told me it was only made great by leading partial genocide on “The Redman”

I would tell you to go fornicate yourself (in the words of @scrowder)

And with Howard Zinn included in our schools and real history/education left out… thats exactly what these kids are doing.

So take a baby Bernie under your wing, show them what’s what… You may find out they are more intelligent than you had once thought and that they are just locked into the narrative to tightly.

and if they turn out to be unsalvageable you can always mock them for entertainment purposes 😉

So it turns out I’m black!

With the Bruce Jenner transsexual story headlining there is much discussion about gender versus sex.

Many feminists and many transsexuals believe that there is a distinct difference between gender and sex. They believe that gender is nothing more than a social construct, while sex is something that you are born into.

This got me thinking, if your physical form does not matter in regards to the way that you are treated by society, what does?

What criteria do transsexuals need to meet in order to be considered a transsexual?

As I pondered this question, I happened upon an interesting thought.

If the physical form of a transsexual does not define their gender, what other things in the physical realm do not define a person’s identity?

What about race? Is race different from ethnicity?

For example, though my skin color is white, perhaps I feel black on the inside so what does that make me? Am I now a black American?

According to the logic exhibited by transsexuals and their supporters… it does?

And so I leave you with this…

Are we really willing to go down this road. Where things of an objective of nature are up to interpretation by each and every individual. Does this not seem problematic to you?

Ponder that my cracka!

What his he truly?

I hate with a fiery passion all that is pop culture.

Not because it is unimportant… but because it should be.

Any mature adult will tell you that discussions about the economy, taxes, and foreign policy are truly some of the most important discussions we could be having.

Why? Because these things directly affect the livelihood of the American public.

And for the record, despite any anecdotal evidence you might have to the contrary….

When a grown ass adult talks about the importance of these discussions in regards to the American public’s livelihood, they are most certainly talking about the livelihood of their offspring.

Yes children, your parents do actually care about you.

But I digress…

Pop culture irritates the hell out of me because it is something that I wish I didn’t have to pay attention too. Growing up a poser punk rocker from HB I couldn’t tell you the first thing about the new Eminem album, or what Snooki named her kid.

In time however, as someone who fancies himself politically aware, I have learned to adapt.

Even though the young have literally no skin in the game, they still have a say in the direction the country is to move.

Indoctrination in the school system and destruction of the family structure aside, the young are at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to the fundamental truths of life.

Many people believe that this is the fault of technology. These people believe that since our youths are constantly connected to the world wide web they are consistently exposed to an unrelenting stream of hedonistic, fallacious nonsense.


I contend that this is the fault of the previous generation. It would not matter how much hedonistic fallacious nonsense our children were exposed to if their parents had just engrained some shred of conviction into their developing brains… but unfortunately for both their offspring and the future of our nation they haven’t…

And so I am forced to discuss topics which I find to be distasteful and uninteresting…

So… Without further adieu

Bruce Jenner….

He was all over the TV yesterday.

Why? Because he slapped on a pair of fake tits, changed his name and is now the hero of our generation… at least until next month when someone else takes pride in something that is far from accomplishment.

Bruce Jenner is now a woman… or at least he is posing as one.

He even made the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine accompanied by the headline “Call me Caitlyn.”

Within hours of the cover being published, his new twitter account had 1.1 million followers (Getting all of this straight from the link above)

This showcases the importance of such an event. The kids are all about it.

Importance established… Let’s think for a second

Yesterday afternoon on twitter I happened upon a tweet by a young lady who I assume to be local based on her twitter following.

This tweet caught my eye as it reminded me of an interview I listened to last week over at featuring Milow Yiannopoulos (known as @Nero on twitter) who is currently in the process of writing a book about “Gamer Gate.”

You see this misguided young lady’s tweet suggests that every person is born with a true identity. It is a narrative commonly found amongst those on the left who feel the need to justify what is clearly a mental illness… Transsexualism.

The idea is that even though you were born biologically a girl, your true identity (which they claim you are also born with) could be male (and vice versa.)

I thought this was very telling as the young lady who tweeted this also belongs to the “feminist” movement here in the local area.

Now this may not mean a whole hell of a lot to anyone who does not keep up on these cultural issues, however to those that do… Well, they should already see where I am going with this.

While listening to the afore mentioned interview last week I was intrigued by one bit of dialogue between Steven Crowder (the host) and Milo (the guest) on the topic of transsexualism.

Milo is a gay man, and as such one could only assume that he might have some insights into the LGBT community. So Steven asked him an interesting question regarding his position on transsexualism.

Milo proceeded to tell Steven that he had previously considered all those who claim to be “transexual” to be mentally ill. He then explained however that his opinion is slowly changing. Not because he has found new validity in the lack of scientific knowledge used to back transsexualism, but because he has found a very telling hole in the narrative of those who belong to the feminist/LGBT crowd.

You see feminists and other LGBT supporters who support things like “equality in the workplace” and  sexual identity, consistently claim that gender is nothing more than a social construct.

This helps them to promote behavior in females that is detrimental not only to their own well being, but society as a whole.

However…. If gender is nothing more than a social construct… how then can anyone be born with a “true identity?”

I continue to believe that transsexualism is a mental illness.

However, to those of you out there who disagree…

Take your pick.

Either transsexualism is a mental illness and gender is nothing more than a social construct…

Or gender is not a social construct and rather something you are born with, which supports the arguments of those who claim that transexuals are just seeking out their true identity.

You can’t have it both ways…

Thoughts: Consequences of conviction…

Almost every single one of us has dealt with some sort of discomfort on account of our convictions… Unless you are a leftist.

Whether it be religious or political conservative beliefs can make many situations difficult.

By now pretty much everybody has heard about the various Christian owned businesses that have been in some cases put out of business by the LGBT community and their blatant bigotry.

This is a very serious consequence of conviction. 

It takes great courage and tremendous amount of faith to stand up for something to a point of detriment to the livelihood of your family.

It is something that not many of us do. We make excuses for ourselves. We justify our denial of our beliefs by telling ourselves we had no other choice.

That “if I hadn’t complied theywould’ve  penalized my grade.”

“If I hadn’t complied they would’ve shut down my business.”

“If I hadn’t complied my friends might’ve unfriended me on Facebook”

“If I don’t comply, my reputation will be ruined.”

These statements allow us to justify out weakness.

These statements are a reflection of a sickness inside all of us.

It is said that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.

I think it’s safe to say we all at least try to be good people. So why then do we consistently fail our beliefs?

Hell, Peter himself denied Christ in the face of death. We are all guilty of it. 

But here’s the truly sick part…

We aren’t facing death. At most we face having to find a new job after a career is destroyed.

But there are those out there who are facing death. And they welcome it with open arms for the sake of there beliefs.

I leave you with this…

Who is truly a weaker human being?

The man or woman who’s loses his or her job and is forced to find new means of supporting his family for the sake of his values.


The man or woman who provides for his family with ease his whole life having abandoned his every conviction? 

What message do you want to pass down to your kids.