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So it turns out I’m black!

With the Bruce Jenner transsexual story headlining there is much discussion about gender versus sex.

Many feminists and many transsexuals believe that there is a distinct difference between gender and sex. They believe that gender is nothing more than a social construct, while sex is something that you are born into.

This got me thinking, if your physical form does not matter in regards to the way that you are treated by society, what does?

What criteria do transsexuals need to meet in order to be considered a transsexual?

As I pondered this question, I happened upon an interesting thought.

If the physical form of a transsexual does not define their gender, what other things in the physical realm do not define a person’s identity?

What about race? Is race different from ethnicity?

For example, though my skin color is white, perhaps I feel black on the inside so what does that make me? Am I now a black American?

According to the logic exhibited by transsexuals and their supporters… it does?

And so I leave you with this…

Are we really willing to go down this road. Where things of an objective of nature are up to interpretation by each and every individual. Does this not seem problematic to you?

Ponder that my cracka!


What his he truly?

I hate with a fiery passion all that is pop culture.

Not because it is unimportant… but because it should be.

Any mature adult will tell you that discussions about the economy, taxes, and foreign policy are truly some of the most important discussions we could be having.

Why? Because these things directly affect the livelihood of the American public.

And for the record, despite any anecdotal evidence you might have to the contrary….

When a grown ass adult talks about the importance of these discussions in regards to the American public’s livelihood, they are most certainly talking about the livelihood of their offspring.

Yes children, your parents do actually care about you.

But I digress…

Pop culture irritates the hell out of me because it is something that I wish I didn’t have to pay attention too. Growing up a poser punk rocker from HB I couldn’t tell you the first thing about the new Eminem album, or what Snooki named her kid.

In time however, as someone who fancies himself politically aware, I have learned to adapt.

Even though the young have literally no skin in the game, they still have a say in the direction the country is to move.

Indoctrination in the school system and destruction of the family structure aside, the young are at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to the fundamental truths of life.

Many people believe that this is the fault of technology. These people believe that since our youths are constantly connected to the world wide web they are consistently exposed to an unrelenting stream of hedonistic, fallacious nonsense.


I contend that this is the fault of the previous generation. It would not matter how much hedonistic fallacious nonsense our children were exposed to if their parents had just engrained some shred of conviction into their developing brains… but unfortunately for both their offspring and the future of our nation they haven’t…

And so I am forced to discuss topics which I find to be distasteful and uninteresting…

So… Without further adieu

Bruce Jenner….

He was all over the TV yesterday.

Why? Because he slapped on a pair of fake tits, changed his name and is now the hero of our generation… at least until next month when someone else takes pride in something that is far from accomplishment.

Bruce Jenner is now a woman… or at least he is posing as one.

He even made the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine accompanied by the headline “Call me Caitlyn.”

Within hours of the cover being published, his new twitter account had 1.1 million followers (Getting all of this straight from the link above)

This showcases the importance of such an event. The kids are all about it.

Importance established… Let’s think for a second

Yesterday afternoon on twitter I happened upon a tweet by a young lady who I assume to be local based on her twitter following.

This tweet caught my eye as it reminded me of an interview I listened to last week over at featuring Milow Yiannopoulos (known as @Nero on twitter) who is currently in the process of writing a book about “Gamer Gate.”

You see this misguided young lady’s tweet suggests that every person is born with a true identity. It is a narrative commonly found amongst those on the left who feel the need to justify what is clearly a mental illness… Transsexualism.

The idea is that even though you were born biologically a girl, your true identity (which they claim you are also born with) could be male (and vice versa.)

I thought this was very telling as the young lady who tweeted this also belongs to the “feminist” movement here in the local area.

Now this may not mean a whole hell of a lot to anyone who does not keep up on these cultural issues, however to those that do… Well, they should already see where I am going with this.

While listening to the afore mentioned interview last week I was intrigued by one bit of dialogue between Steven Crowder (the host) and Milo (the guest) on the topic of transsexualism.

Milo is a gay man, and as such one could only assume that he might have some insights into the LGBT community. So Steven asked him an interesting question regarding his position on transsexualism.

Milo proceeded to tell Steven that he had previously considered all those who claim to be “transexual” to be mentally ill. He then explained however that his opinion is slowly changing. Not because he has found new validity in the lack of scientific knowledge used to back transsexualism, but because he has found a very telling hole in the narrative of those who belong to the feminist/LGBT crowd.

You see feminists and other LGBT supporters who support things like “equality in the workplace” and  sexual identity, consistently claim that gender is nothing more than a social construct.

This helps them to promote behavior in females that is detrimental not only to their own well being, but society as a whole.

However…. If gender is nothing more than a social construct… how then can anyone be born with a “true identity?”

I continue to believe that transsexualism is a mental illness.

However, to those of you out there who disagree…

Take your pick.

Either transsexualism is a mental illness and gender is nothing more than a social construct…

Or gender is not a social construct and rather something you are born with, which supports the arguments of those who claim that transexuals are just seeking out their true identity.

You can’t have it both ways…

True consent? – Foolish Feminist of the Week

I recently participated in a twitter discussion on the topic of rape.

A friend of mine posted a picture of herself in a T-shirt that read “No means no.”

On the back the shirt read “Only yes means yes.”

This shirt of course is worn in protest of rape. Now the shirt is somewhat logically consistent. If someone tells you “No, I don’t want to get it on,” and you proceed, you are in fact raping that someone.

However, I have a serious problem with some of the notions tied to these catchy tees.

So I thought I would provoke a little response.

I asked if the shirt was in protest of rape (which is quite clear cut and easy to identify), or was it in protest of a person convincing another person to have sex with them.

I was told by one @peniggas, a feminist in the local area, that convincing someone to sleep with you is in fact rape.

I then questioned @peniggas a bit more on subject, and proceeded to call her argument one of cowardice and selfishness.

Let me explain.

Convincing someone to have sex with you may not be right. And there are certainly illegal ways of doing it, but it is not rape. At it’s worst, it could be considered sexual harassment.

The key word here is “convincing.”

If someone does not give you consent, and then later does in fact give you consent after you have spoken with them about it. You have changed their mind, consent has been given, now making the act consensual.

There are literally tons of parallels to this, especially considering that the concept of “consent” is not limited to sex.

When you take out a loan, and put your signature on the line with the bank, you have given the bank consent. They will sign their side and they will have given you consent.

You have now agreed to the terms of the loan. You may not like it, but you have.

Now obviously in a loan you are locked in because the money is spent and yada yada yada.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t stop if a consensual sex partner asks you to. I am simply saying, the act has begun because both parties agreed.

The reason @peniggas argument is cowardly and selfish lies in the practicality of it. By her logic, anyone who has sex can say (AFTER THE FACT) that despite giving consent, that they did not want too, and therefore they were raped.

Again, there are definitely illegal ways of “convincing” people to do anything. Blackmail, threatening someone physically, threatening someone close to a person physically. Basically if you have to commit another illegal act to convince this person to sleep with you, it’s probably rape. (Though I do still have a problem calling with such a situation based on ferocity contrast between what traditional rape tends to be, and what a like one described above might be.)

Needless to say don’t be this guy ⬇️

The offer

The argument that @peniggas used is stereotypically nothing more than a way for girls to shrug off the consequences of their actions in the sexual realm.

I do not believe @peniggas is one of these girls after more discussing matters with her further, but her argument was still silly.

@peniggas’ argument relied on one logically fallacious concept. The concept of “True Consent”.

She told me that just because Person A gives  Person B consent, doesn’t necessarily mean that Person A wants to, and therefore it is not true consent.

I have no problem with this concept as a concept. However, in the realm of practicality, this little diddy is all jacked up!

Let’s say you are walking out of a grocery store, and there is table surrounded with girl scouts trying to sell you cookies. You really don’t want to, but everyone is watching and you don’t want to look like a snide prick by walking past them. So you buy the cookies, despite the fact that you really didn’t want to spend the money on some shitty shortbread cookies… Did those girl scouts just rob you? Better yet… DID THEY RAPE YOU??? 🎶DUN DUN DUN🎶

How about someone asking you to give to charity and even though you really don’t want to, you do it anyways so as not to upset that person, or bear the consequences of __Fill In The Blank__

Did that charity worker rob you?

The answer is no, you gave consent. You gave money. You gave them permission to take it despite the fact that you didn’t want to.

The laws must be written in such a way that they can not only be effective, but just. (I know this is a new concept to all you idealistic, feminist, silly geese out there, but bear with me.)

There is no way of ever measuring what people truly want in there heads. We cannot enforce laws based on thoughts. It is wrong to do so. Laws address the tangible.

The truth of the matter is, sexual consent should be tied to ones desire. If one does not act in accordance with what they desire, how can they ever expect to achieve what they desire.

If I want Mexican food, but instead go to an Italian food restaurant, would it be logical of me to expect to eat Mexican food?

No, because I didn’t act on my desire.

If a boy asks you to have sex with him, and you say yes despite the fact that you really meant no.

He did not rape you, you are just a moron.

Caveat was already given above, and so I am putting a period here.


@peniggas blocked me on twitter though I am not quite sure why. She was one of the more intellectually honest feminists I have spoken to in literally a decade.

Manson didn't want to kill! That makes it okay right?

Manson didn’t want to kill! And what he wanted is what really matters, not what he did right?

Fat Justice Workshop, Article by Paige Willey

I was just about to sit down and do a little write up on some feminist shenanigans when someone messaged me on Facebook. Naturally I got distracted, and I am glad I did!

I noticed on my Facebook timeline a story from  Ben Shapiro’s Truth and Revolt. The article talked about “Fat Justice” a ridiculous feminist movement. (I know, that was redundant)

I skimmed the article hoping to find a video (some days I get home from school and don’t want to read anymore). At the bottom I noticed a link and clicked it.

The link is below, and it links to an article by someone named Paige Willey. She attended a workshop put on by two women at her school. The workshop was obviously about “Fat Justice”.

Now  I thought Paige was a bit more savvy in terms of logic than the two women putting on this whopping workshop (hehe get it…) based on the beginning of her article, but she let me down towards the end.

She points out the ignorance of these women in terms of scientific knowledge, then illustrates her own ignorance with some statements on evolution, and other  topics of scientific nature.

Regardless of where she stands in terms of scientific knowledge, she had enough common sense to smell the fishiness of the of the two women… and also she saw how invalid their argument was… (hehe get it? okay I’ll stop)

Take a look at what she wrote about the workshop below

Fat Justice workshop degrades women, stretches truth.

I also searched Youtube and found a video of the workshop (I think this is the same workshop, if not, it seems to be consistent in content with the one that Ms. Willey wrote about, and might help to give you an understanding of the mindset these people maintain)

Now I have not watched it all because it is an hour long and quite honestly I don’t care to hear what she has to say. It is embarrassing for me to listen.

I am a christian, and my God says to treat all people as I would wish to be treated, and believe me I try my very best to do so.

However, there are certain things I am attracted to, and there are certain things I am not. One of those things is obesity, and I am sure most of you have that in common with me. Therefore this entire lecture is a waste of time. I declare that fat women (mostly, very few men whine about this) purposely try to blur the line between oppression, and acceptance of blatant disregard for their appearance. (Obviously)

This does not mean I treat them differently because they are fat, but it does mean that I will never be attracted them.

Knowing that this is true about myself, I will assume, right or wrong, that it is also true of others. Therefore, if I am an employer, trying to find a girl to fill the open spot at my Hooters restaurant, guess who I am not hiring… Sorry ladies that is the way it is.

Some of you were born with shitty genes, and others of you are just lazy, regardless neither of you are getting the position and nothing you say at a workshop on some college campus will change that.

…unless of course you indoctrinate students into believing the abolition of capitalism is a good thing… like it seems you are doing.

Leaders At Heart

     Earlier in the week I saw a news story on Fox that discussed a movement from commie women like Jennifer Garner, to ban the word bossy. (WTF was Condoleeza doing in that video…)

Their argument is that girls are afraid to be called bossy so that is why they are less interested in leadership. By taking this stance they are in fact somewhat stating that society is oppressing women by calling them bossy.

We all know this is pretty much ludicrous, most little girls get called bossy because they are in fact, BOSSY! (I have a little sister, I know this stuff for a fact)

There is an obvious difference between motivated and bossy, and I believe it is usually pretty evident. (That being said, most of my experiences with so called “motivated girls” have been bad ones. I would pretty much say they were in fact all bossy, not because they were motivated, but because of they way they believed they were superior)

But let’s say for a minute that this is in fact true. Let’s say that girls are afraid to be called bossy, and in turn have avoided leadership positions. Why is this a bad thing?

There are a few exceptions to a rule I am about to make, but few they are.

I would say it takes a person who doesn’t care what others think to be a leader. I would say that a leader naturally rises to the top and leads, regardless of the circumstances, hence, us calling them a leader.

…see my point…


Feminism Myth of the Week

     It seems that there is a group of girls at my school who fancy themselves feminists. This of course is comical. Even more comical is the constant battling that takes place on twitter daily between them and literally everyone else.

Like most people with a brain, modern feminism baffles me, and as a male who loves his mother, sister, girlfriend, grandmothers, cousins and other miscellaneous women in my life, the topic frustrates me.

Modern Day feminism does nothing but destroy families, and lead young impressionable girls astray. I could go on forever about feminism, why I hate it and why you should too, but I won’t.

As a wise woman once told me, “Everything in moderation”

So I will try and tackle a topic of argument or two for the next couple weeks just for fun. The kids at school seem to enjoy what I have to say, hopefully you will too.


     So it is pretty common to be bombarded with lies in school. One of these, appearing more and more, is that women make less money in the work place. Feminists love to quote the facts. “Eat my census you patriarchal rapist!” they scream.



Now there is an obvious explanation for the census data, and that is a lack of context. Obviously not all jobs are the same. You know the argument, I won’t spell it out for you. This is not the argument a want to attack.

However, recently I have run into many different people, teachers and teenage feminists alike, that claim women are paid less for doing the exact same jobs. Across the board, from babysitters to rocket scientists. This is the ridiculous argument I have eyes on.

This is an idiotic statement to make, for the following reason:

The SEC would not allow for any male employees if females could be payed less. The SEC does not take kindly to to companies screwing their stock holders. Stock holders invest believing that the company’s best interest is also their best interest. If the company could be making more money for their investors and they aren’t… Well then the federal government does what the federal government does best. They send in their three letter agency to rape you.

The second reason is this – Let’s say for a moment, theoretically, that women were payed less and the SEC was allowing it. How could this possibly be? Well the SEC is in charge of making sure that the company does what’s best for their stock holders, which is in turn typically whats best for the company. But what if hiring all men, was better for the company, and in turn better for the stock holder. I could go into very detailed explanation about hormones and biology, the insurance risks, the sexual harassment risks and last but not least the actual statistics on who calls in sick more often…

But why go through all of that when the internet can articulate my point so much quicker…