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Stupid millennials don’t know a thing about life! Let alone politics!

I called into the Medved show the other day during a segment in which Michael was discussing young people and there involvement with politics.

He had many other callers prior to me, talking about how “Millennials just don’t care about politics.” and that those that do “are just stupid and naive”

All of this is true…

But I did not hear a single person question why that was!

This prompted me to call in.

You see I don’t know if any of these other callers had children of their own. But I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that none of them had/have children.

Still their comments were very silly. They all commented so emotionally, stressing how they felt about the issue. Anger, despair, confusion, all of these emotions could be heard in the voices of Michael’s callers during the segment.

These emotions however, are in response to actions committed by the wrong group of people.

The youth are young. They are kids, without any life experience. That is the very reason why we distinguish them with words like youth and young!

So how can you blame them for acting based on the knowledge that they have? It’s all that they have!

Who they really should be blaming are those who raised this generation of dummies!


Any person who has children of their own, better not utter a single complaint about the ignorance of the youth unless said person’s child is on par with their standards.

We can’t blame the education system for two reasons.

#1 The education system ANSWERS TO YOU!!!

If the education system in your community is failing to teach kids to critically think by indoctrinating children into a narrow minded state, or by avoiding said topics all together THAT IS THE FAULT OF THE PARENTS IN THE COMMUNITY!

#2 Raising a child is the job of THE PARENT AND NO ONE ELSE!!!


Now it’s one thing for discussion on certain topics to be present in the classroom such as economics or science, so long as accurate history is taught to our students. But once again all these things fall back on the taxpayer AKA the parents.

What do your kids know about the world around them? Are you really surprised by the way that our youth think? Take a look at their role models for christ’s sake!

If you are surprised because you think your kids know what’s what, I recommend you talk to them about controversial topics. Odds are if you have never thought about the state of our youth in this manner, your child’s answer to your questions will surprise you.

btw Mikey agreed with me 😎


Problems of Diversion

I would like to say that this is a disease exclusive to those of the left wing mindset, but unfortunately, that isn’t so.

More often than not people fall for “problems of diversion” (as I call them).

Problems of diversion are provided by conservatives and liberals alike. Some with malicious motives, while others with good intentions, spread their ignorance.

This is something I battle in the classroom daily. During my years as an underclassman I had many teachers that maliciously tried to lead students astray from the truth by subliminally implanting things in their heads.

These days, to my relief (though only a slight relief), it seems to be done more often out of ignorance rather than malice.

When a debate strikes up in the classroom that involves the teacher, it pretty much all looks the same to the kids. Often they will make comments to me throughout the day such as “You kicked his ass man, good job!” and “Way to not let him push you around dude! He was totally wrong!”

When they say these things, what they don’t understand is that I don’t always disagree with what the teacher is saying, in fact more and more these days I don’t disagree with what the teacher is saying, but rather how he is saying it.

A perfect example of this came out of my economics class the just the other day.

My econ teacher is a pretty conservative dude (excluding his feelings about the Koch brothers). He is a capitalist and while he would never admit to it, he hates liberalism and the mentality that it creates when fully implemented in our schools (as it has been).

However, sometimes I believe he says things out of “emotionally motivated premature response”

What the hell is that you ask? I’ll give you an example.

Just last week our class somehow go onto the topic of pharmaceuticals (there is a whole lot of discussion in his  class, that’s how you know he is good). During this discussion the outrageous price of drugs got brought up.

Naturally, everybody in the room starts to think this thought, whether they are willing to admit it or not – “Big, evil, capitalist pharmaceutical companies don’t care about my family”

This thought is a bad thing for prosperity…

So naturally I saw where this was going quick. Before the kids even knew that’s what they were thinking I had constructed a plan to reverse their mindset.

I asked out loud “Yes, drugs and healthcare in general is in fact outrageously expensive… but why?”

My teacher, (being a man whose mother, at some point in her life, was in fact at the mercy a cancer drug that he claimed cost upwards of 60k per shot) immediately spoke one word


Eerr! wrong answer son!

I told him he was one hundred percent incorrect. He responded “Oh yea RJ because I don’t know anything, right?”

This statement illustrated just how emotionally driven he was at the time that he spoke it. He later agreed with me, but out of pride, and embarrassment at his half thought out response, told me that I was only partially correct.

Basically I went on to explain that the reason that our drugs cost so much lies in government regulation, while greed (though a bad word for the motive) is irrelevant.

I could write a whole post on this itself, and I just might, but for the sake of time, I’ll move on…

As you can see, I don’t disagree with the fact that greed is there. I will even say that morally according to my God it MIGHT be a problem in some industries. However him saying that evil 5 letter word at that particular time was the worst possible thing he could have done for my cause… which just so happens to be his cause too…

I don’t blame him for this, we all make mistakes and struggle with our emotions affecting our actions. He steered kids in the wrong direction, towards death and misery, though ignorant to it at the time. And so I pointed out to him his non intentional “Problem of Diversion” and he at least half admitted that’s what it was.

But there are others out there with a more insidious approach…

Let me start by explaining to those of you who don’t know, what modern day language arts classes are about. Literature class in public school, literally has nothing to do with art. It is there with the sole purpose of indoctrinating kids with a code of ethics defined by progressive, academia loving, liberal, teachers.

So in my English class this week we were assigned a group assignment entitled “People Problems”. This is an assignment that coincides with the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley that we are currently reading.

The assignment was to as a group, come up with a general consensus as to how we define a “Person”

Luckily for me I was put in a group consisting of all boys, who also happened to all be Christians.

We decided all human beings are persons according to God, and human beings can currently be distinguished in biological terms.

The next part of the assignment was to read through a list of court cases provided by the teacher and to determine, based on our definition of a person, how the court case should be settled…

This is a picture of the front side of the handout for the assignment. The backside only contained additional stories, no more direction.

This is a picture of the front side of the handout for the assignment. The backside only contained additional stories, no more direction.

As you can see in part “c” we are “encouraged to revise your definition (of a person), Explain your revisions and why your revisions where necessary”

Now, if this doesn’t unsettle you, then you are a strange individual.

Case number one describes a situation in which a father decided to make the oh so difficult decision to pull the plug on his daughter who had been in a coma for three years after being in an automobile accident.

The family had to sell their house and a good deal of their other positions in order to pay the bills to keep their daughter/sister alive.



I don’t know the specifics of this case, but my teacher assured us all that it was in fact a real case and the first of it’s kind.

He maintains the opinion that legislators need to continue to redefine what a person is through “verbiage” in order to avoid problems like this.

This is a matter of right and wrong. There are no two ways around it. My teacher says that the legal definition of murder is “The pre thought-out taking of a persons life” and he assured me that he knew more on this topic because he went to law school. I am sure he is right, but for the record I have not checked on this.

I was called upon to present on this topic in class. I maintain that the question of whether someone is a person or not is completely invalid and does not matter. The state does not get to determine right from wrong (separation of church and state), only what is legal and what is not (based on our vote), therefore if murder is illegal, and pulling the plug is equivalent to murder, based on our definition of murder, then guess whose family is losing everything in order to pay for their daughter/sister.

He said I was sidestepping the issue, and belittled me by saying I just didn’t like to face reality and wanted to “skirt” the issue over and over and over again.

See the problem is we cannot define what a person is. The notion that legislators need to blur the line on what a person is for every unique case that arises is ludicrous and indeed EXTREMELY DANGEROUS

That kind of talk stinks of eugenics…

I maintained the opinion that either his definition of murder was incorrect, the situation could not be related to murder, or if in fact everything he said was true, that the family needed to pay, as we all do, in order to see the error in our ways of legislation.

I later found out from my father who is an LA County FireMAN that I was correct. The court currently does not look at such a situation as murder, due to various reasons.

My teacher lied, and he did it in order push his own agenda.

He either was so emotionally attached to the concept that he was teaching us that he couldn’t admit he was wrong (this happens to many literature teachers because in order to be happy they have to try and justify their own existence to themselves, when in reality they serve no purpose, excluding indoctrination, and are a waste of money in the school system), or he is a progressive who wishes to blur the line when it comes to the value of life (many examples he gave when he talked about defining a person were pathetic attempts to say that we are not really that different from other animals… I mean it was truly an embarrassingly, pathetic attempt when you consider how we humans have conquered not only the entire globe, but have survived also in F****** outer space!!!)

I call these cases “Problems of Diversion” because they are methods of taking your eyes off the root of the problem, and in turn aid those with selfish intentions in getting what they want.

We see this daily in matters such as that of gun control. Piers Morgan would say that Britain has fewer gun crimes every year than the United States and Britain has heavy gun control, so it must be the lack there of in the U.S. that causes so much gun violence.

When in reality  the problem really stems from immigration. In the U.S. we have ghetto gang bangers that take pop shots at folks like my dad on a daily basis. We also have a much larger population in general. We also have a lot of conflicting ideologies struggling to live side by side in one country.

But by presenting you with the argument stated above, he is able to divert the public from the root of the problem.

Problems of  Diversion

don’t fall for it…




Fat Justice Workshop, Article by Paige Willey

I was just about to sit down and do a little write up on some feminist shenanigans when someone messaged me on Facebook. Naturally I got distracted, and I am glad I did!

I noticed on my Facebook timeline a story from  Ben Shapiro’s Truth and Revolt. The article talked about “Fat Justice” a ridiculous feminist movement. (I know, that was redundant)

I skimmed the article hoping to find a video (some days I get home from school and don’t want to read anymore). At the bottom I noticed a link and clicked it.

The link is below, and it links to an article by someone named Paige Willey. She attended a workshop put on by two women at her school. The workshop was obviously about “Fat Justice”.

Now  I thought Paige was a bit more savvy in terms of logic than the two women putting on this whopping workshop (hehe get it…) based on the beginning of her article, but she let me down towards the end.

She points out the ignorance of these women in terms of scientific knowledge, then illustrates her own ignorance with some statements on evolution, and other  topics of scientific nature.

Regardless of where she stands in terms of scientific knowledge, she had enough common sense to smell the fishiness of the of the two women… and also she saw how invalid their argument was… (hehe get it? okay I’ll stop)

Take a look at what she wrote about the workshop below

Fat Justice workshop degrades women, stretches truth.

I also searched Youtube and found a video of the workshop (I think this is the same workshop, if not, it seems to be consistent in content with the one that Ms. Willey wrote about, and might help to give you an understanding of the mindset these people maintain)

Now I have not watched it all because it is an hour long and quite honestly I don’t care to hear what she has to say. It is embarrassing for me to listen.

I am a christian, and my God says to treat all people as I would wish to be treated, and believe me I try my very best to do so.

However, there are certain things I am attracted to, and there are certain things I am not. One of those things is obesity, and I am sure most of you have that in common with me. Therefore this entire lecture is a waste of time. I declare that fat women (mostly, very few men whine about this) purposely try to blur the line between oppression, and acceptance of blatant disregard for their appearance. (Obviously)

This does not mean I treat them differently because they are fat, but it does mean that I will never be attracted them.

Knowing that this is true about myself, I will assume, right or wrong, that it is also true of others. Therefore, if I am an employer, trying to find a girl to fill the open spot at my Hooters restaurant, guess who I am not hiring… Sorry ladies that is the way it is.

Some of you were born with shitty genes, and others of you are just lazy, regardless neither of you are getting the position and nothing you say at a workshop on some college campus will change that.

…unless of course you indoctrinate students into believing the abolition of capitalism is a good thing… like it seems you are doing.

Nice guy’s finish last! (They really do!)

There is only one reason why being a kind, loving, human being is a rational decision, and that is because currently quantum physics is pointing towards intelligent design.

Ever since my first day of 10th grade (first year of public school) I have had teachers tell me that ethics is important, we need to be able to critically think and determine right and wrong.

This has never really gone over well. When teachers say these things, I end up making myself look evil, when really I am just rational.

In public school everything is taught from a secular stand point because of the separation of church and state and all that jazz (Don’t even get me started on “The Separation”)

This is of course proof that most people are idiots.

If there is no God to answer to, if this is all we get in terms of life, then you are an absolute moron to be living a “morally acceptable” life.

Nothing about being a good person is rational, or easy unless you know “Hey I am going to spend eternity with God as long as I don’t steal my neighbors stuff!” and even then it’s not really easy.

More often than not, being a good person isn’t even fun, but we do it because we have a higher power to answer to one day. A higher power that is higher then us.

Higher is the key word here. It is the word that allows him to define right and wrong.

You see, you can’t tell me what is right and what is wrong anymore than I can tell you that. The argument can be made that what society says is right and wrong is what will stand, as being a part of society is conditional.

This argument holds some validity, except it’s in your best interest to not rely on that. Nice guys finish last.

I, like most men, I have a list of things that I would do if I didn’t believe in God. Luckily for society I am strong in my faith.

What about the principle?

Knowing which fights to fight can be one of the hardest skills to acquire. I am not speaking of knowing who amongst your peers to debate with, that one is easy. If your buddy rolls up in a Toyota Prius, I would say that is a situation in which it would be unwise (though very funny) to start cracking Obamacare jokes. We can pretty much all tell, after talking to a person for a couple of minutes, whether we are going to be able to correct their path of ignorance/malice.

However, there are times when battling it out with someone who is obviously set in their ways, is justified. Not only justified, but in my opinion morally necessary. I come across at least two or three of these situations every day. All thanks to the good old public school system!

These situations are different for everyone however, and it is important to be able to distinguish when the appropriate time is for you. Why is this important? Because every now and again (or everyday in my case) the person you might have to verbally assault with truth, will have power over you in one form or another. In my case this usually means control of my grades.

For all of my life, I have battled no matter what the cost, and while this tactic may not be the most intelligent, (you could potentially go from a B student to a C student, with no change in your study habits, believe me, I know) I was never a very good student anyways. I have a really hard time letting things go. So much so, that it keeps me up at night if I do. If the teacher says something even the tiniest bit biased/inaccurate, I prepare for battle.

I have two reasons for this seemingly reckless jeopardization (an RJ word) of my grades. The first of which is to counter act the perceived infallibility of schools teachers in society today.

An example? Sure…

Last year, junior year, my U.S. History teacher Joshua Bammer told the class that communism fed its people just well as capitalism. When I asked him about the Russian famines he denied such things ever existing. I proceeded to pull up info on three gnarly Russian famines, responsible for an estimated 12 and a half million deaths. He was humiliated in front of the class. The next day he tried to accuse me of cheating. He claimed that I had been answering questions to my homework in such a way that it violated “The Honor Code”. I had answered this way on every assignment since the beginning of the  year, and now all of the sudden late in second semester he is gonna call me out on cheating? Personal retribution if you ask me. I told him very calmly that by definition I had not cheated and that I looked forward to the meeting with the assistant principal. He never sent in the report.

Bammer was wrong and I called him on it. The entire class saw, and as usual, being immature teenagers, the class gave me a round of applause even though they didn’t know what the hell I was even talking about. They saw that Bammer was wrong and that is all that matters.

On special occasions such as these I ask my father to go meet with the principal (we should really be going to the school board but that is a nightmare) and let her know how offended we are as a family. She refused to speak on it with him due to the fact that it wasn’t on her state approved list of controversial issues. My father then began to explain the definition of controversial to her. His mere presence, in the room of course warranted the topic a controversial topic. She then had the gall to tell him that everything he knows about American History is false, as it was taught to him incorrectly.

This wasn’t the first time we have had these encounters, as I said I am gonna be a freshman in college in the fall and I have been doing this since the seventh grade. I am certain it won’t be the last time either. The important thing here though is the kids. They may not believe me, but I sure as hell don’t want them believing the system. So the key is, make them think. If they are thinking for themselves, they might just fight the progressive medicine that is being shoved down their throat. They might embrace it, but at least that decision will be their own.

We all run into our own belief battles on a daily basis. More often than not, this is mine. We have to justify the wasted time in the fight, by the outcome of the fight. If I can wake one kid up out of his after lunch high, by getting a teacher flustered. Then fluster teachers I must, because maybe I will reach a kid or two.

I recently found an old Ben Shapiro interview in which he talked about his college days. He said he wrote like a marxist to get good grades. I believe I will find myself in a similar predicament. School is not cheap, and if I am going to dedicate resources to it, it has to be worth my while. However I am not as crude as I have made myself out to be. I don’t always come out swinging and pointing fingers. In fact more often than not I am the “well placed” questions kinda guy. I believe there is room for this kind of “below the radar” debate in college classrooms. Ben says he doesn’t believe there is any sense in risking your grades for the sake of fighting a professor who you won’t convince anyways. I believe that he may have over looked the fact that there are other kids in the room with you (Of course I only differ from him on this because I don’t believe I will ever have the publicity he does.) All you have to do is make the professor explain himself. Ben always say’s reality is conservative. Then again he has been at it a lot longer than me…

But what about those times when there is no immediate gain? This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. Law enforcement around the country violates the law everyday. Police ignorant to the law, unconstitutional federal checkpoints, and even teachers violate the law every day and get away with. Why? because they are in positions to inconvenience our lives for the moment in which they do it, if we do not comply. We tell them what they want to know at their unconstitutional checkpoints because we want to be on our way as quickly as possible. But what about the principles? Where do we draw the line? These are the fights that I wonder about. Which ones are worth having?