Responsibilities of the Counter-Culture

I have said since I was very young that us conservative/libertarian types are the counter culture.

There was a time when young people wanted to fight the man. Now the man collects $60k to $100k a year feeding them lies in the classroom, all the while claiming to fight the man alongside them.

Quick tip to the students out there who maintain relationships with their teachers/professors…

They aren’t hip, cool, or even groovy. If they claim to be on your side in the fight against “The Man” whomever they claim that to be (white males, capitalism, racism, etc.) they are lying.

They are more than likely part of one of the most powerful entities in the country (teachers unions,) and therefore incapable of fighting authority… Because they are the authority…

But I digress…

My writing today is inspired by my grandmother.

Grandma is an Irish Catholic that grew up in the late 50’s early 60’s, who married a man that later became a fireman and moved his family from east LA (at that time not a shit hole,) to Orange County.

Grandma is a staunch conservative and religious woman. The rich tones of Dennis Prager’s voice can be heard coming from her living room’s entertainment center speakers every weekday morning from 9 AM to 12 PM. She attends mass every Thursday, and she still irons tee shirts for some reason.

She has a great disdain for foul language, though her husband and both of her sons are so linguistically adept in the art of obscenity that their frustration fueled soliloquies have been at times dubbed Shakespearean.

She insists that her grandchildren “smile more often” and “wear more color” as black should only be worn to funerals.

She enjoys Frankie Valli, The Jersey Boys, and literally every artist featured on the American Graffiti soundtrack. If’s she’s not watching HGTV, she’s more than likely watching Green Acres on TVland. Her idea of edgy programming features Dean Martin and Foster Brooks at a bar pretending to be drunk.

If one calls her landline (which she believes still tangibly utilizes a metal wire,) and does not state one’s name along with the reason for one’s call upfront you will be promptly hung up on. If you disrespect her and or anyone in her party, she will speak to your manager.

She raised two sons successfully who in turn gave her four grandchildren. And if you are lucky enough to be one of those four grandchildren you will be fed sandwiches anytime you enter her home along with shortbread cookies (ginger snaps when she’s feeling extra geriatric) and a Coca-Cola.

She’s a patriot. A true American. A true American who almost lost her country…

If Hillary Clinton had won, the America she knew and loved– the one that she grew up in would be lost, possibly forever.

She understood this, and though I’m sure it killed her she began modernizing herself for the sake of her country.

You see, young people who are not intellectually challenged understand that the right is the new counter-culture. It’s the side that leaves you alone.

While the right will in fact judge, it won’t try and legislate its judgments beyond the state level, if at all.

This year we have seen a tremendous demographic shift in the conservative movement. We are no longer the movement of just middle-class white America. We are now the movement of fags, trannies, pot smokers, blue collar democrats and even Kanye West!

Trump won because we all came together against a common enemy.

That enemy? Tyranny.

It is important for us on the conservative right to acknowledge that without those with whom we may disagree when it comes to social culture, we could not have retained our political culture.

Without those who disagree with us when it comes to religious beliefs, acceptable sexual behavior, substance usage, and the portrayal of such issues in media, we would have lost our country

And without us stuffy, white, conservatives… Fags themselves wouldn’t be permitted to say the word fag, any and all sexual contact would require a written contract prior to engagement, and Islamic extremists would be allowed to rape, pillage, and murder anyone they please on American soil.

“Twinks for Trump” Google it old folks

While the religious right, and the alternative right, are different in nature when it comes to social culture they value the most important constitutional principle equally:


We could not have done it if we had not come together. The new counter-culture, the conservative movement is the most diverse and unpredictable group of people that have ever been classified as similar.

And for that, we must thank one another. We must not break the bonds that hold us together.

If you are a stoner, be considerate about your habit, don’t smoke it around children or in confined public places. You’re gonna piss off Archie Bunker (who’s my homie btw)

For the fags out there, we don’t care if you get married, we don’t care what you do in your own bedrooms, so don’t shove it in our faces or sue us when we refuse to bake you a wedding cake.

For the stuffy old white people out there, they aren’t fucking your sons in the ass, or getting married in your churches. If they are, that’s an issue you have to bring up with your church. So don’t march in protest, don’t hold up a sign that says God hates fags. (As if that was us to begin with…)

Instead of defining ourselves by our differences let’s define ourselves by the things that we hold in common– The common belief that all men are created equal and shall be valued that way by their government. The common belief that the government does not grant us our rights, but that we grant it’s.

If we live lifestyles that are incompatible, then we must work together to remedy our close quarters. If you don’t like watching queers make out, don’t move to West Hollywood. And if you’re a fag and don’t like getting strange looks from passing families as you kiss your mate, don’t move to Orange County… or at the very least no tongue please…

Look, I’m kidding, but I’m also not.

My grandmother about had a heart attack the first time she saw a tattoo on my skin. She will never get used to it. She will never approve. But she will never disown me either.

She will never stop offering me sandwiches and Coca-Cola when I come to her home. She will never stop forwarding me silly emails, or pestering me about wearing black all the time. She will never deny that we share blood.

And we Americans can’t either. We all share American blood. The blood of freemen and the blood of men willing to fight for those who are not free.

We’ve been the counterculture for the past 20 years. It’s time we become the culture. Not the social culture but the political culture. We cannot achieve this if we do not stand together.


Trump won because we all came together against a common enemy. We cannot beat the left separated so if we wish to live on in an America that values freedom we must learn to live and let live.

Self-segregate and support each other in times of need.
We have a responsibility to set aside our petty differences  in order to combat those with whom we have big ones.

Be thankful we live in America. Be thankful we didn’t lose for good this last go around.


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