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By Christians, For Christians… That’s right, I said it!

As a part of the libertarian community all to often I am subject to the whining that so many young/naive libertarians do about the separation of church and state.

The reason for the whining is obvious, and that is that most young people immaturely and naively hate being told what to do. This, in many cases, is what draws them towards libertarianism in the first place- Our belief that man should be free to do as he pleases to some extent.

In contrast with their naive attraction to libertarianism (which is fundamentally a good thing) is their attraction towards secularism (which is fundamentally a bad thing.)

Though I just jabbed a bit at the secular libertarians/conservatives for being secular (and I will continue to do so) this is not the topic I wish to discuss today.

All I wish to do is suggest that the passion that is exhibited by said heathens during discussion with their own side, in regards to the separation of church and states, is a bit unnecessary.

So hear me out.

Point number one:

Let’s speak strictly philosophically here for a moment shall we?

If we are to accept as a nation the nonexistence of God, we are also accepting the lack of any existence after death including that in which punishment takes place.

Now many of you secular libertarians maintain that if someone needs a higher power to scare you into doing “the right thing” then that someone is a piece of shit.

By that logic I am, and I wager most of you are (if you are intellectually honest with yourselves), pieces of shit.

I am someone that needs fear of punishment as motivation to be good. I happen to believe that this is a logical way of life. I believe you would be a moron to be “good” in the subjective moral world that exists without monotheism. But what does that matter?

The mere fact that I admit people like me exist, that is people who believe themselves to be evil in nature, should be enough to make you “morally superior, mature, intelligent, enlightened atheist libertarians” back off the separation of church and state issue.

The risk of societal collapse is far greater when its people fall to secularism. At the very least one must acknowledge the degree of barbarism in times of chaos is less intense in a monotheistic society when compared to that of a secular one. Don’t believe me? Just compare the French revolution to the American revolution.

Aren’t all of you libertarians fearful of economic collapse in the U.S?

Do you not look around at your peers who are “feeling the Bern” and wonder what is to come?

Why then do you choose to hammer on religious Christian conservatives so much?

I am a constitutionalist. I get it. I don’t want the church running the country either.

I get that you want your porn, your marijuana and your whore houses.

I understand that there are some small things that you and Christian conservatives disagree on,

but that’s exactly my point! They are small things, and in the meantime you tear our political party in two.

I know you folks are smart enough to realize that the “Social Justice Warrior” left is far more likely to regulate your lives than the Christian right.

Point number two:

Now here is a mind blowing thought. Are you ready?

This country was founded by Christians, for Christians.


I can practically feel the collective rage of all you secular libertarians out there as I type!

If you are someone who read that last statement and is thinking:


Don’t, and riddle me this…

If all of our founding fathers were secular and did not want a country centered around God, why does our federal law reflect that of a Judeo-Christian people?

Have you ever stopped and considered for a moment that for all intents and purposes you are a Christian? Practically speaking, if you don’t murder, you don’t steal, you don’t leave your wife high and dry with kids to feed and no income then you are living as a Christian. At the fundamental level at least.

If you follow our laws, you generally speaking, are treating your neighbor as you would wish to be treated, and that is the golden rule in the eyes of Christ.

Those of us who don’t live as Christians in the United States  of America are jailed.

Whether you are an Atheist,  a Nihilist, a Satanist, a Muslim, or a Buddhist does not matter. In this land you are required to act in a way that does not conflict with the teachings (at a fundamental level) of a Jew or a Christian. This, also means that you are in fact living (on a fundamental level) as a Christian.

As I said before… By Christians, for Christians.

Did the founders want a secular government? Sure they did!

And so maybe Christians ought to lay off the nativity scenes on the lawns of federal buildings. But it should be clear enough to you libertarians out there that are secular that nativity scenes on the lawns of local governmental buildings should be a local decision. Why?

Because even if the founders wanted a secular government, they most certainly wanted a God centered society.

So stop acting like a bunch of fucking ten year olds when someone says “one nation under God” in the pledge of allegiance. At least they still say the fucking thing! I’d be surprised if most high school students knew it by heart!

And if you still don’t believe the founders were Christian, you should try reading some primary source documents penned at their hands instead of listening to your commie professor who is to arrogant to take Howard Zinn’s dick out of his mouth for a single second in order to teach some actual history.

At the very least check out Joshua Charles’ book Libery’s Secrets: The Lost Wisdom of America’s Founders