“Guns Aren’t Necessary Anymore” – A One Sided Conversation With a Friends Mother

A friend recently told me a story about a conversation she had with her mother about gun control.

My friend is an intelligent young lady who fancies herself a libertarian and, as such, supports the second amendment irregardless of the gun control debate.

She understands there are certain inevitable consequences associated with eliminating such a freedom.

That said however, the conversation with her mother didn’t go so hot.

It ended with her mother saying something along the lines of, “The second amendment was written a long time ago. Times have changed. Guns just aren’t necessary in the hands of the public anymore.”

I know I laughed out loud too!

We will see if she feels the same way when she finds out the harsh truth about the police.

What’s that harsh truth you ask? POLICE DON’T STOP VIOLENT CRIMES FROM HAPPENING. They show up afterwords to write reports and identify bodies.

I imagine her opinion on such a matter would change real quick if a rapist broke into her house tonight and she found out that the police are 2 minutes out, all the while the rapist is upstairs with her  sorority-aged daughter.

All that aside, it is possible to prove her viewpoint one of ignorance without the spontaneous appearance of a rapist in my friend’s bedroom… Thank God…

We all know the stats. There is not a single study out there that truly supports gun control in America. Yes there may be one or two that show positive findings as a result of gun control, but dig a little deeper and you will find that they are conducted in a very Paul Krugman like manner.

However, my friend’s mother mentioned nothing of the end goal or statistics. She only mentioned that she believes the second amendment is no longer necessary.

So… Here is how I would approach such a statement… 😈

First off I would like to know what she (my friend’s mother) believes the second amendment is for. The Constitution I think is very clear about its purpose being to provide the citizens of the good old U.S.A. a means of overthrowing a tyrannical government.

I doubt my friend’s opinionated mother has ever read the Constitution, however if she acknowledges this to be the case then I say to her…

Now if that is not her understanding of the second amendment as I expect, then what is it?

Does she believe it to have been written so that hunting might be possible? In that case, I say to her…

Why do you believe recreational hunting is not necessary? Is it because you don’t partake in the sport? Is it because people die in hunting accidents? What about recreational drinking? People die doing that all the time. And it’s funny now that you mention it, if guns are off the table then alcohol should be too. NO MORE WINE FOR YOU MAMACITA!


Does she believe the second amendment was written to provide citizens with the means to protect themselves personally from general harm? If that is her understanding of the second amendment then I say to her…

What in the hell is your definition of necessary? Why is personal protection no longer necessary? Because we have the police!?

If she answered yes I would refer her to my earlier statements about rapists and reports.

So far we are still just wasting our time with this conversation.

The reason being is that we do not live in a democracy. We live in a constitutional republic. AND NO THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING. If they were people wouldn’t have a problem with the phrase constitutional republic, though that’s a discussion for another time.

In a constitutional republic mob rule does not dictate the outcome of every situation. A constitutional republic has a constitution (even more specifically a bill of rights) to lay down some ground rules. These ground rules touch on everything from gun control and slave labor, to women’s suffrage and freedom of speech.

The very purpose of our bill of rights (the first 10 amendments in case you didn’t know, Mrs. Friend’s Mom) is to protect inalienable human rights from those who disagree with them.

That said, if it’s a democracy you wish to live in rather than a constitutional republic that is fine…

Just know that if you come after my guns I am coming after your suffrage and right to open to your ignorant mouth.


One thought on ““Guns Aren’t Necessary Anymore” – A One Sided Conversation With a Friends Mother

  1. JP Mac

    The hard core Left knows what you and I know, that the second amendment is an insurance policy against tyranny, that’s why they try so hard to thwart it.


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