Take a young commie under your wing!

Far to many old stuffy conservatives these days really don’t understand the problem at hand.

I  am always bitching about the problem at hand and thinking about ways to fix it on a large scale. These solutions usually involve a nuclear warhead or two and an undiscovered tropical paradise inhabited by beautiful capitalistic native women and an endless supply of fresh fish tacos.

What a guy can’t dream?

That in mind, one thing I have taken to all my life is becoming friends with my enemies (applies to my generation only.)

When I first started doing this it was primarily inspired by the passion that was exhibited by these people. Sure they stood against everything I stood for… but at least they gave a damn.

While this is still a primary factor in my friend selection I have realized over the years (mostly throughout high school) that the more I got to know these enemies of mine, the more I had in common with them.

See, it turns out pretty much everyone wants the same thing. Comfort, recreation and ease of living. The conversation takes a savage turn when any two opposing people discuss how to get there.

The problem with traditional Americans today is they don’t understand… AND I MEAN THEY REALLY HAVE NOT A FREAKIN CLUE! …as to how lost/indoctrinated/immature the younger generations are. And they have no one to blame but themselves. After all they did “raise” us.

That in mind I have made an observation. Anyone who as ever spent much time watching an “SJW” spew their bullshit knows it comes with a fiery wrath. One of passion and determination.

That fire… That drive… That refusal to stand down is a beautiful thing. It’s a very American thing.

It’s just misguided.

Now if we could somehow harness that energy and set it on the right track for their sake (let alone our own) we would have a pretty badass generation if you ask me.

Now don’t get me wrong, their are a lot of thumbsuckers out there looking for a handout.

The true socialist/anti-white/anti-male/anti-heterosexual bigots are out there.

But just like the true racists on the right give the right a bad name, the bigots on the left give a bad name to all on the left (even if the vast majority are indeed bad 😂.)

If I was fed the same rhetoric most hipster SJW millennials were growing up I may not be much different. Half of these kids don’t even know what it means to be objective, they have never been made to.

Hell, the sources they use on their college essays are curated by the Goddamn college!

My point is that if you told me that I live in America the land of the free and the home of the brave…

and that I should be proud and thankful because I live in the greatest country on earth…

but then told me it was only made great by leading partial genocide on “The Redman”

I would tell you to go fornicate yourself (in the words of @scrowder)

And with Howard Zinn included in our schools and real history/education left out… thats exactly what these kids are doing.

So take a baby Bernie under your wing, show them what’s what… You may find out they are more intelligent than you had once thought and that they are just locked into the narrative to tightly.

and if they turn out to be unsalvageable you can always mock them for entertainment purposes 😉


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