Thoughts: Consequences of conviction…

Almost every single one of us has dealt with some sort of discomfort on account of our convictions… Unless you are a leftist.

Whether it be religious or political conservative beliefs can make many situations difficult.

By now pretty much everybody has heard about the various Christian owned businesses that have been in some cases put out of business by the LGBT community and their blatant bigotry.

This is a very serious consequence of conviction. 

It takes great courage and tremendous amount of faith to stand up for something to a point of detriment to the livelihood of your family.

It is something that not many of us do. We make excuses for ourselves. We justify our denial of our beliefs by telling ourselves we had no other choice.

That “if I hadn’t complied theywould’ve  penalized my grade.”

“If I hadn’t complied they would’ve shut down my business.”

“If I hadn’t complied my friends might’ve unfriended me on Facebook”

“If I don’t comply, my reputation will be ruined.”

These statements allow us to justify out weakness.

These statements are a reflection of a sickness inside all of us.

It is said that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.

I think it’s safe to say we all at least try to be good people. So why then do we consistently fail our beliefs?

Hell, Peter himself denied Christ in the face of death. We are all guilty of it. 

But here’s the truly sick part…

We aren’t facing death. At most we face having to find a new job after a career is destroyed.

But there are those out there who are facing death. And they welcome it with open arms for the sake of there beliefs.

I leave you with this…

Who is truly a weaker human being?

The man or woman who’s loses his or her job and is forced to find new means of supporting his family for the sake of his values.


The man or woman who provides for his family with ease his whole life having abandoned his every conviction? 

What message do you want to pass down to your kids.


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