Thoughts: Eww! Gross! He’s a… Republican…

I did not watch the Bruce Jenner interview… At first.

Not only does it creep me the hell out, but I figured anything important that was said in the interview would be talked about in the coming weeks.

I was right…

While reading the news this morning, I happened upon an article on The Blaze talking about the backlash that Jenner has faced now that he has come out as a Republican who believes in the Constitution.

Here is why this is important.

This man comes out and says “For all intents and purposes I am a woman” but “I’m not gay” and “I refer to myself as ‘we.'”

And what are people up in arms about? The fact that he’s a republican.

Young America finds that more disgusting, more confusing, and more embarrassing than anything else this disturbed man said…

What the hell are you parents out their doing?

When the weirdest thing about this man is the fact that he’s a republican… Conservatives are doing it wrong.

That is all.


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