What is the role of a parent? 

Earlier this evening I was watching “All In” Chris Hayes’ show on MSNBC.

Chris had a story on that featured a young transgender American by the name of Jacob who is only five years old.

I repeat this transgender American is only 5 years old!

As always the left-wing media nailed this story as they told it through a documentary style short film that sported a trendy feel.

Yes conservatives, you have a lot to learn about news and more specifically media. Fox sports Bill O’Reilly as their poster child, the face of their channel if you will, while Chris Hayes at MSNBC uses hip cinematography techniques and tearjerking stories to push his agenda.

It’s no wonder we always lose.

Anyways, the person who is reporting on the story goes by the name of Kate Snow.

Chris had Kate Snow on in order to elaborate on this story and discuss briefly the details of the story.

Though the segment was brief it was very telling in regards to the worldview of people like Chris Hayes (a.k.a. him and his followers) and Kate Snow/the rest of MSNBC.

In their brief discussion about the story entitled “Jacob’s Journey” The pair discussed how raising young children, as they both do, can be “difficult terrain to navigate.”

After praising the parents of this transgender five-year-old Kate went on to describe how, and I quote, “There have been days when I’ve made my daughter wear a dress because we are going somewhere ‘fancy.'”

Kate continued on to mention how “parents can relate to not understanding what your child is going through.”

Though at face value this exchange seems to be an innocent conversation about a somewhat interesting/disgusting story, I believe it says a lot about the worldview of the average MSNBC viewer (Liberal).

When Kate mentioned those times that she has forced her daughter to wear a dress she said it in a way that suggested both her and Chris felt it to be a damaging demand of her daughter. As if teaching your child the appropriate attire to certain occasions is unacceptable or possibly controversial.

This raises a question. What do the folks at MSNBC believe a parent’s role in a child’s life.

Are parents supposed to… What’s the word I’m looking for…. PARENT their children? Or not?

If teaching your child to wear the appropriate attire at certain occasions is unacceptable, what is an acceptable parenting action?

Personally I am very troubled that these particular parents allowed their 5 year old to tell them what gender she was.

I know plenty of people that started off as severe “tom boys” as youngster only to become very feminine in their high school days.

One of my closest friends was this way and last time I checked she was pretty happy with her decision to stay a female.

smh America… smh


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