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Thoughts: The conversation we should be having…

For a long time I have been a fan of Glenn Beck.

I grew up watching him on the TV long before The Blaze.

Even when The Blaze began, I remember the early days when he discussed policy and politics. He still does this today but the primary meat of his show has changed.

When he made the change I wasn’t ready to accept it.

I called him a fool and I diverted my eyes for a while out of anger. Anger because I felt abondoned by someone who shared my frustration with the freedom snatching left.

I have begun to watch him again purely out of depression. With all of the darkness in our world, his network offers a slightly more positive viewing experience. Something I need if I am to be happy as I am morally obligated.

However I still hadn’t accepted his message. The notion that we need to be having a conversation about culture and faith rather than one about politics and policy.

That is until Monday.

As I watched the riots take place on the streets of Baltimore I thought to myself “when did America become a third world country.” I chuckled a bit at the fact that the riots were a perfect illustration of why leftist policies fail.

But then I thought a little bit harder.

I realized that the riots were not a result of the policies, but that the policies were a result of the riots.

In other words, the behavior seen in the streets of Baltimore last night is behavior that I personally do not believe would be seen anywhere that true Americans are present.

What I am about to tell you is a bit simplistic, and I realize that. Many of these issues are far more complicated than just culture v.s. policy. However for the sake of our efforts, as conservatives with an outreach mentality, maybe it would be beneficial to take a look at the simplistic concept.

I had a conversation earlier today with a fellow conservative. He’s a good friend of mine, and had responded to my last post via email.

We began to debate a little. This is something that we do often. However, usually one of us is playing devils advocate. Rarely ever do we actually disagree.

He believes that it is leftist policy that is solely responsible for the behavior of those in Baltimore. I believe it’s something deeper (and no it’s not skin color so don’t go calling Uncle Al just yet.)

Halfway through our debate I realized that the entire reason we disagreed lie in the fact that we had a miss communication due to the verbiage that I used in my post.

The verbiage you ask?

The word Americanism.

You see I believe that Americanism can be summed up by one simple compound word.


The behavior seen in Baltimore lacks any Judeo-Christian backing. It’s as if those people do not have any values beyond hedonistic natural instinct.

Interestingly enough, leftist policy lacks a Judeo-Christian value backing as well.

And though us Judeo-Christians like to give the masses the benefit of the doubt so often in saying that “they just don’t get it!” I believe they do.

It does not take a rocket scientist or any deep level of thinking to see that leftist policies are not only ineffective, they are immoral.

I contend that the liberal masses know this, and do not care.

During our debate, my friend posed to me a question. First, he laid out a scenario that he believes to be a somewhat accurate representation of what life is like in Baltimore. He asked me if I honestly believed that I wouldn’t act violently towards the Gov. if put in a situation like this.

Now I have not given you all of the details that my friend provided me within his premise. I have given you one though, and if you have keen enough eyes you will see it.

I believe this to be a false analogy. And that one detail I provided is exactly the reason why.

He then described some of the circumstances that lead the people in that area to the mindset that they posses.

Things like horrifyingly bureaucratic public schools.

And fatherhood being crushed by government dependent.

I do not deny that any of these things exist. And I do believe that there is a case to be made in regards to these things perpetuating the sickness that is present in places like Baltimore.

However they did not cause the sickness.

In other words bad schools do not create bad/indoctrinated children.

Bad parents do.

Government dependency does not produce fatherless children.

Premarital sex and poor spouse selections do.

No-fault divorces do not produce evil women that screw their men over.

Evil women create things like no-fault divorces.

So while a case can be made in regards to the perpetuation of certain behaviors by government dependency and leftist policy, I wonder if this is the correct conversation to be having.

I find myself thinking that it is not.

Maybe GB is right. Maybe we don’t win this through elections or policy.

Maybe the the only way to win this is through evangelism (or things of that nature.)

I wrote last night about MLK’s intentions being made clear through his actions. I think that we can all agree, the action of those in Baltimore last night were made loud and clear.

Morality, and therefore Americanism were nowhere to be found.


Americanism, An Idea…

If you want to be treated like an American, act like an American.

Injustice is a characteristic of our imperfect world. It will never disappear. It is a symptom of a much more serious sickness that plagues humanity. Evil.

However, injustice is a symptom that can be fought when it shows it’s face. Through organization, identification of convictions, and a strict adherence to said conviction, injustice can be treated effectively.

America is and always has been a light in the darkness of the world. A symbol of how organization and strong values can extinguish some of the most sinister evils.

Rioting, looting, vandalism, and anarchy are not American. These are things that belong to the third world.

Let us not be mistaken.

These things do not belong to the third world because said countries are impoverished and oppressed. It is because these things belong to the third world that it is impoverished and oppressed. 

Americans know that it is in our actions that our motives can be made known to all. Even in our bloodiest of wars over injustice conviction, organization, and a respect for ones fellow man made our intentions clear.

Americanism is a mindset. It is a mindset that we Americans invite everyone to participate in, in the hopes of making our great country a better place.

Martin Luther King Jr. was an American. He had his values straight, he was organized and he respected his fellow man in his pursuit for justice.

Through his actions his intentions were made clear. Though MLK and his fellow black Americans faced great injustice during segregation he held true to his respect for mankind and the pursuit of happiness. This is an act of true Americanism.

Third world behavior is not just. And this message has been stated loud and clear to the American public.

Justice is no where to be found in Anarchy.

If you wish to participate in this great nation, this great idea…

If you wish to achieve the American dream…

Than stop identifying yourselves through your actions as third worlders, people of a diametrically opposed mindset.

If you wish to be an American… Then you best act like one.

Thoughts: Eww! Gross! He’s a… Republican…

I did not watch the Bruce Jenner interview… At first.

Not only does it creep me the hell out, but I figured anything important that was said in the interview would be talked about in the coming weeks.

I was right…

While reading the news this morning, I happened upon an article on The Blaze talking about the backlash that Jenner has faced now that he has come out as a Republican who believes in the Constitution.

Here is why this is important.

This man comes out and says “For all intents and purposes I am a woman” but “I’m not gay” and “I refer to myself as ‘we.'”

And what are people up in arms about? The fact that he’s a republican.

Young America finds that more disgusting, more confusing, and more embarrassing than anything else this disturbed man said…

What the hell are you parents out their doing?

When the weirdest thing about this man is the fact that he’s a republican… Conservatives are doing it wrong.

That is all.

CFC’s and evil SUV’s

In honor of yesterday’s “Earth Day” status I thought that I might write a small piece outlining many common environmentalist myths… Oh, and I’ll debunk them too!

As usual I plan to keep this post in the spirit of the blog as a whole. In other words I will do my best to keep statistical analysis and scientific studies out of this post.

You may be asking your self “how do you know that you are right and the environmentalists are wrong without showcasing the science of it all?”

If you ask your self this question give your self a pat on the back. You are asking the right questions. However, the simple fact is I have looked into the studies behind all of these myths. And not only have I look into it, I could talk about each and every one of these myths for a very long time discussing the difference in results between studies. But I won’t…

Not only would this be boring it’s also unnecessary. You see many of the myths that are tossed around day to day amongst people who fancy themselves environmentalists are so outright stupid and contradicting that all it takes is a little logical thought in order to see through the lies.

Don’t believe me? Stick around you’ll see.


All points below have implied caveats. This piece is intended to be more food for thought than anything. If you want to dive deeper into the science behind climate change and the “health” of planet earth comment and I will post some very point specific references. In the mean time don’t be afraid to check out Watt’s Up With That. It is a terrific place to start.

Myth Number 1 – The evils of plastic in our landfills…

As many of you know recycling is all the rage these days. Society has bought into this lie about how bad it is to have plastic in our landfills. Now there is a multitude of reasons why plastic in our landfills is not a big deal.

The first of which begins with the nature of a landfill. For those of you who don’t know landfills are essentially large piles of trash that is compacted and stacked in order to fill voids in the land. Later on after the landfill is exhausted (the void in the land is filled) us evil parasitic humans build beautiful things upon them. Take for example Newport Beach. Newport Beach is home to Orange County’s first successful landfill habitat restoration project, Coyote Canyon. Coyote Canyon used to be a landfill… Now it’s not… Good job Newport Beach!

If you have ever seen the area today you will know that it is surrounded by beautiful high-class neighborhoods. And guess what, there are even trees, plants and other green stuff growing there! Turns out its a nature reserve and endangered native plant life has been planted there so that it could make its comeback.

In order for humans to eventually build on top of landfills, they have to be “constructed” (so to speak) in such a way that different variables associated with garbage don’t cause harm to the area, or people in the area. That being said landfill owners are required to have plastic in their landfills so that it may act as a “low permeable barrier.” This layer is supposed to “prevent leachate from reaching the groundwater,” which is caused by the above layers.

What are these low permeable plastic barriers made out of? High Density Polyethylene…

hmm… Polyethylene you say? Isn’t that the stuff plastic milk jugs are made out of?

Interesting. So even if you recycle your milk jugs they could end up in a landfill anyways… AND WITH INTENT!!!

What does this say about plastic? It does In a way confirm that it takes longer for plastic to degrade. However like literally ALL THINGS it will eventually decay.

More importantly, this information suggests that maybe plastic in our landfills is not quite as bad as we all believe

Again, remember I disclaimed that there are caveats to every statement made. Lengthy discussions on the details of this subject are possible and welcomed. Hit me up!

Myth Number 2 – Electric cars will help stop global warming…

I am sure most of you remember the BP Oil spill as president Obama dedicated an extensive amount of time to discussion of the matter on tv.

It is undeniable that the used the event as a way of pushing green energy and demonizing big oil.

However, oil in the gulf is not my intended topic, though an interesting one for sure.

I had a buddy tell me about an interview he saw on TV with one of the high ups at BP, shortly after the event took place. He explained to me that the interviewer asked the BP employee if BP was looking into green energy. Must have been a Fox interviewer as no leftist interviewer would’ve allowed BP that kind of out.

Anyways my friend then inform me that the BP employee said yes. When asked to elaborate the BP employee then explained that the company was looking into researching hydrogen fuel cells.

For those of you that do not now, hydrogen fuel-cells are at this point in time pretty much the only thing that we know of that would make electric vehicles a practical possibility (and even that is a stretch). Sure there are fully electric vehicles on the market today, but all of these said vehicles have limitations.

With that in mind many have turned to hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative to fossil fuels. The main limitation of electric cars today is mileage. You see electric vehicles, even the best models, are only able to do about 300 miles on one charge. After that 300 miles, further travel becomes a bit complicated. As anyone who has ever charged a device knows, charging takes much longer for certain devices then fueling up a gas powered vehicle.

While electric cars today may work (and just barely btw) in metropolitan areas, they fail when it comes to long distance transportation. Not to mention the fact that electric cars are powered by electricity, which is generated at this point in time, by traditional power plants (coal, Natural Gas, etc.)

Meaning that if everyone today switched over to electric powered vehicles, electricity generation would have to go up in order to meet demand. This also means that traditional powerplants would increase their carbon emissions.

But I digress…

In order to meet the demands of most human beings in this first world country, the auto industry has to come up with an alternative to fossil fuels that can yield more than 300 miles on one charge. Thus far the alternative considered by most is hydrogen fuel cells.

While hydrogen fuel cells do not emit CO2 (relative to fossil fuels) they do in fact, as all energy sources, have a by product. Water vapor…

“It’s just water vapor, what’s wrong with that?”

If you are asking your self this question, you have clearly not done enough research on anthropogenic global warming theory.

You see in anthropogenic global warming theory, the warming agent is water vapor, not CO2. The CO2 only acts as the greenhouse gas that starts the so-called “positive feedback loop.”

The theory is that if CO2 begins to decrease the amount of heat that escapes our atmosphere it will at a maximum increase our global temperature at around 1°C. when this happens the atmosphere will warm and in turn, it will be able to hold more water vapor. At the same time the increased warmth should increase water evaporation, increasing in turn water vapor in the atmosphere. Water vapor is the primary warming agent in anthropogenic global warming theory (actually causes a noticeable increase in heat.) It is estimated to increase temperatures at a maximum of around 4°C. (Bolded because not sure on exact numbers but I know approx… scientists don’t know exact either so… lol)

This positive feedback loop is believed by a few super silly scientists to continue until the earth reaches a new equilibrium temperature.

Now, there are a whole lot of reasons why this theory is completely incorrect. Primarily because if a theory is to be proven as fact it must first be observed as defined in the scientific method. It has not been, but let’s save that statistical analysis for a later date.

In the meantime I would like you to ponder this…

If water vapor is the only greenhouse gas that actually warms the atmosphere at a rate in which it would be noticeable, why is it that supposed environmental scientists are proposing that we use hydrogen fuel-cell technology in the future?

Possibly because they don’t know what global warming is as a theory.

Or it could possibly be that they know you don’t know what global warming is.

Ever heard of cap and trade?

I leave you with this…

True electrically powered cars with normal modern batteries would increase the carbon footprint of our traditional power plants, how does that decrease the carbon footprint of the average citizen, assuming all average citizens are driving electric cars.

Given that most sane people would not drive electrically powered vehicles, hydrogen fuel-cell’s are the current propposed alternative to the problem. Why would these experts tell us to look into hydrogen fuel cells when literally, or I should say practically, the only byproduct of a hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicle is water vapor?

Mind blown…

Myth Number 3 – Polar Bears are feeling the effects of global warming.


For those of you who don’t know, probably most of you, I am a hobbyist/pro nature photographer.

In high school I traveled all over North America, some parts of Mesoamerica, as well as Europe. During my north America photo expedition the object was to photograph every kind of bear in North America. There are three types of bears in north America grizzlies, black bears, and polar bears. Some people count the spirit bear as a fourth kind of bear, however it is technically a black bear with a genetic mutation.

When I traveled to the Sub-Arctic to photograph polar bears I was accompanied by a man who, while not a bear biologist officially himself, has spent an extensive amount of time alongside bear biologists during studies that he volunteered for on polar bears and their interactions with their environment.

During dinner one night after a day of shooting, the conversation somehow shifted to global warming.

This conversation was one that I found extremely informative. Not only was I able to gain the perspective of someone who lives in the Arctic Circle on a regular basis in regards to global warming, but I was also able to ask questions of someone who has spent an extensive amount of time studying polar bears.

This man was a Canadian. He was the only Canadian at the table during dinner. He explained to my American friends that when Al Gore and his home diggities decided to make their movie “An Inconvenient Truth” they failed to include any truth at all in regards to polar bears.

The conversation started with him explaining to us how Al Gore and his buddies came up with their number for the polar bear population. He explained the team tasked with coming up with the polar bear population for the film did nothing more than fly up in a helicopter with a counter and counted the amount of polar bears they found in one specific area. They then extrapolated out the amount of pullovers and the entire Arctic Circle based on that one specific area. Obviously this is inaccurate.

He continued by mentionimg to us that the polar bear population is not only entirely stable, but also increasing as the days go by. These are observations and his team of biologist made during the number of studies he was included in. I do not have any citation for this, this is only what the man told me.

However in order to help back up his claim he explained to me a bit more about why this is.

First off he claims that global warming is in fact taking place, contrary to all scientific evidence, but that it is not caused by man. He then stated that since the ice caps are melting and sheet ice is forming all over the Arctic Ocean. This would seem like a bad thing as this means that polar bears have to swim further in order to reach actual land. However he then explained to us and proved to us with photographic evidence that polar bears are able to swim as far as 200 miles without stopping if they need to. He also told us that polar bears more often than not voluntarily swim from mainland to sheet ice a great distance in order to hunt seals. You see, she ice is prime habitat for seals, the number one item on the menu for polar bears. If sheet ice continues to form, the seal population should increase as their habitat will allow for it. That being said polar bears should intern see an increase in their population, as there will be more food available to them with more seals around.

This is pretty much all you need to know in order to understand the truth about polar bears and their lack of habitat. However one interesting anecdote that this man did relate to me is that polar bears hunt every year in order to prepare for hibernation.

During this hunt the polar bear will leave the mainland and swim out to sheet ice in the Arctic Ocean in order to hunt seals. While this is somewhat interesting, the most interesting part of the story is that polar bears almost without exception are able to swim back to the very point that they left literally months before on the mainland.

It seems to me that these polar bears are more well adapted to their environment then we give them credit for.

When ever you see a polar bear on a small piece of sheet ice, do not despair odds are this photograph was taken by a photographer in Svalbard on an icebreaker looking for these exact kind of shots. I only know this because the group that I go to photograph wildlife with plans this trip every year. However, regardless of this fact, a polar bear on a piece of sheet ice is no big deal.


Should’ve Could’ve Would’ve… Why didn’t I?

Over the years I have handled many situations in ways that I am not proud of. The odd part is, the situations that I wish I would have handled differently are not situations in which I lost my cool, but rather situations I should have.

Here’s the story of one such situation, in which I wish I would have lambasted the crap out of someone, but instead kept my mouth shut.

My sophomore year in high school I had a friend who was quite trendy (and also a bit of a loud mouth).

One day during english class she came in wearing a shirt that featured this on the front.

She told me she had got it at Urban Outfitters or something, so you can imagine the style.

Anyways, on this particular day we had a substitute teacher because ALL THREE of our other teachers (Yes we had 3 teachers for one class… ) were out for the day.

Now here’s the thing…

The substitute is an interesting creature. Each of them unique in their own way, yet they all hold one thing in common…

They have zero accountability.

Over the years the things substitute teachers have gotten away with while I was in class amazes me. So either there is no system for weening out the bad ones or the system in place just really sucks… I imagine the latter is closer to the truth. After all we are talking public school and so long as their is a body in the classroom that can read out of the text book… well you know, that’s good enough for government work.

Anyways, the substitute we had on this day was one I wish I never had the pleasure of meeting.

After she basically told the class to do whatever they wanted she walked up to my friend who was wearing the uncle same shirt and began speaking to her. Luckily this conversation was taking place only one desk to the right of me, and while the room was loud due to the fact that the class was having a free for all, I could still hear everything that was being said. The substitute must not have known it.

You will have to forgive me as it has been 3 years since I was a sophomore in high school so I do not quite remember what she said word for word, but what I do remember I will write.

Here’s how the conversation went.

Sub: I love your shirt.

Friend: Oh thanks!

Sub: It’s so true isn’t it!?

Friend: Oh haha yea *sheepishly*

Sub: I swear I can’t stand conservatives!

Friend: Yea *again sheepishly*

Sub: I always try to push my agenda in class, you know influence these kids into thinking my way.

Friend: ……

Sub: Every now and then you will get one of those stupid kids who has been brainwashed by there parents that will say something, but what are they gonna do.

Friend: ……

Sub: I once told a kid who caught me lying to go ahead and report me. I’m a sub, what are you gonna do fire me!?

Friend: hahahaha *even more sheepishly*

Sub: Hahahahaha anyways awesome shirt!

and that was the end of it.

Usually I would have jumped at an opportunity like this. Something this blatant and evil in my face… It was like a dream come true.

But then I realized something…

Every single kid in the classroom was talking and tweeting and texting and hanging out with their classmates. There were students on desks and students on the floor and even a couple of students behind the teachers desk. I realized that while it angered me, and I probably should have recorded and reported the happenings of the classroom that day in order to punish her, it probably wouldn’t do me very good.

Instead I chose to talk to my friend, the one wearing the shirt, about what had just happened.

I explained to her that yes her shirt has a ver valid point, but that it speaks to the nature of leftism and higher taxation rather than conservatism and smaller government.

We had a laugh about it and then I joined my peers in the wasting of tax dollars by spending the rest of the period on my phone and talking to the girls around me… 😎

I haven’t had many experiences likes this. Usually if I feel I even have the slightest reason to speak up I will. Just ask the rest of my teachers.

But when a situation like this does occur, and I do nothing…. It can keep me up at night literally years later when I am out of high school trying to sleep so that I can get up for work in the morning.

What is the role of a parent? 

Earlier this evening I was watching “All In” Chris Hayes’ show on MSNBC.

Chris had a story on that featured a young transgender American by the name of Jacob who is only five years old.

I repeat this transgender American is only 5 years old!

As always the left-wing media nailed this story as they told it through a documentary style short film that sported a trendy feel.

Yes conservatives, you have a lot to learn about news and more specifically media. Fox sports Bill O’Reilly as their poster child, the face of their channel if you will, while Chris Hayes at MSNBC uses hip cinematography techniques and tearjerking stories to push his agenda.

It’s no wonder we always lose.

Anyways, the person who is reporting on the story goes by the name of Kate Snow.

Chris had Kate Snow on in order to elaborate on this story and discuss briefly the details of the story.

Though the segment was brief it was very telling in regards to the worldview of people like Chris Hayes (a.k.a. him and his followers) and Kate Snow/the rest of MSNBC.

In their brief discussion about the story entitled “Jacob’s Journey” The pair discussed how raising young children, as they both do, can be “difficult terrain to navigate.”

After praising the parents of this transgender five-year-old Kate went on to describe how, and I quote, “There have been days when I’ve made my daughter wear a dress because we are going somewhere ‘fancy.'”

Kate continued on to mention how “parents can relate to not understanding what your child is going through.”

Though at face value this exchange seems to be an innocent conversation about a somewhat interesting/disgusting story, I believe it says a lot about the worldview of the average MSNBC viewer (Liberal).

When Kate mentioned those times that she has forced her daughter to wear a dress she said it in a way that suggested both her and Chris felt it to be a damaging demand of her daughter. As if teaching your child the appropriate attire to certain occasions is unacceptable or possibly controversial.

This raises a question. What do the folks at MSNBC believe a parent’s role in a child’s life.

Are parents supposed to… What’s the word I’m looking for…. PARENT their children? Or not?

If teaching your child to wear the appropriate attire at certain occasions is unacceptable, what is an acceptable parenting action?

Personally I am very troubled that these particular parents allowed their 5 year old to tell them what gender she was.

I know plenty of people that started off as severe “tom boys” as youngster only to become very feminine in their high school days.

One of my closest friends was this way and last time I checked she was pretty happy with her decision to stay a female.

smh America… smh