Stupid millennials don’t know a thing about life! Let alone politics!

I called into the Medved show the other day during a segment in which Michael was discussing young people and there involvement with politics.

He had many other callers prior to me, talking about how “Millennials just don’t care about politics.” and that those that do “are just stupid and naive”

All of this is true…

But I did not hear a single person question why that was!

This prompted me to call in.

You see I don’t know if any of these other callers had children of their own. But I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that none of them had/have children.

Still their comments were very silly. They all commented so emotionally, stressing how they felt about the issue. Anger, despair, confusion, all of these emotions could be heard in the voices of Michael’s callers during the segment.

These emotions however, are in response to actions committed by the wrong group of people.

The youth are young. They are kids, without any life experience. That is the very reason why we distinguish them with words like youth and young!

So how can you blame them for acting based on the knowledge that they have? It’s all that they have!

Who they really should be blaming are those who raised this generation of dummies!


Any person who has children of their own, better not utter a single complaint about the ignorance of the youth unless said person’s child is on par with their standards.

We can’t blame the education system for two reasons.

#1 The education system ANSWERS TO YOU!!!

If the education system in your community is failing to teach kids to critically think by indoctrinating children into a narrow minded state, or by avoiding said topics all together THAT IS THE FAULT OF THE PARENTS IN THE COMMUNITY!

#2 Raising a child is the job of THE PARENT AND NO ONE ELSE!!!


Now it’s one thing for discussion on certain topics to be present in the classroom such as economics or science, so long as accurate history is taught to our students. But once again all these things fall back on the taxpayer AKA the parents.

What do your kids know about the world around them? Are you really surprised by the way that our youth think? Take a look at their role models for christ’s sake!

If you are surprised because you think your kids know what’s what, I recommend you talk to them about controversial topics. Odds are if you have never thought about the state of our youth in this manner, your child’s answer to your questions will surprise you.

btw Mikey agreed with me 😎


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