No Holds Barred

No this isn’t an opinion piece on Eric Garner.

Though with a title like that… I can’t say I wasn’t tempted 😈


I wanna talk about the rules of engagement.

The code of conduct.


Every single one of us played tag in grammar school.

And every single one of us encountered that one person who never seemed to be “it” no matter how many times they were tagged.

This person though tagged often, would claim things like “no tag backs” and “at least three finger tips.”

Finally someone would get fed up, and would set out to tag this person in an irrefutable manner.

The cheater at this point would be aware that his/her peers were catching on and would have already devised a scheme to maintain dominance in the game.

The fed up child  would strategically, and respectfully full hand tag the cheater…

And at this, the cheater would throw him/herself to the ground and begin to sob because their ankle hurts…

Sound familiar?

It should, and not because we all played tag in grammar school.

But because that is how the American left acts. Like whining, crying, CHEATING, snot-nosed babies. We see it everyday on the t.v. the newspaper, the Youtube, and the Twitter.

Screaming, crying, CHEATING leftists.


This is a problem. A major problem.

A problem because the right wing is handicapped in a the realest way.


We put up our dukes, the ref blows his whistle, and while we concentrate on our training, our strategy, our right hook. Our opponent (the left) has something else on it’s mind.

No matter how much time we put into our training, our self discipline, our debate skills, our self reflection/spiritual dedication to the truth, it makes no difference.

Because the minute that whistle blows the American left kicks us in the nuts.

And while we roll around on the mat bitching and complaining about the rules the ref (the constituency) who is clearly blind, is counting down our knock out.

As the right wing suffers of nut-shot motivated nausea, the american left stands with it’s gloves in the air claiming victory.


Okay, enough with the analogies… What’s your point dude?

What I am trying to say is the world isn’t fair. That is of course because the world isn’t perfect. No matter how good a fighter you are, if you hold yourself to a set of rules and your opponent does not, you lose.

In fact this idea/truth is actually present in the real life martial arts scene. This fact of life is so much a reality that every single martial arts coach I have had over the years dedicated time to teaching street techniques. The techniques that are practical when not fighting in a competition where there are rules.


It’s time the American right dedicates some time to its street technique, because we are getting our asses handed to us.


It’s time to read an Alinsky book or two.

And it’s time to start assaulting, and stop getting assaulted.

We must throw the first punch.


I know many traditional conservatives have a problem with this mentality of mine. And that is because they worship the rules. But the rules are only worth worshipping if they are followed.

Ben Shapiro, a prominent figure in conservative media said recently that “The truth is on our side…”

He is correct. And what an advantage that is.

We know that the only economic system that reduces poverty is capitalism. We know that world peace is not possible unless America polices the world. We know that in order for fairness and equality to prevail in our nation, we must advocate states rights and eliminate this big government monster that is terrorizing our home.

We also know that calling it what it is, telling the truth, is not working.

People don’t want the truth. They do not pursue intellectual honesty, or knowledge gain. They pursue comfortability.

And who the hell are we to deny them that?

That being said, we cannot continue to refer to capitalism as capitalism. We must change the name. We must come up with an “economic reform.”

Just like the left did.

We need to rebrand ourselves, because our product is rotting on the shelves.


It’s not lying, its branding.

Instead of saying “Look at our product, it works, if you have any sense you will buy it.”

It’s time we say “Look at our product, it’s the best product in the world! Only bigoted, racist, misogynistic, eugenicists will deny it’s greatness!”

The product never changed, it is still in fact the only sensible option. It is just the way we present it that must change.


It is time to coin terms and plant germs.

It is time to fight dirty, because we are doing the time already.


I for one am tired of rinsing sand from my eyes…

I’d like to throw a handful or two of my own.


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