Are politicians evil? Or are you just stupid?

The notion that politicians are evil is a notion I hate.

Politicians only tell you what you want to hear.

I pretty much try to remain as secular as possible on this blog because I know how it feels to be preached at. This topic however clearly demands for a definition of right and wrong.

First off, there is no such thing as right and wrong unless you can accept the existence of a higher power.

If you are willing to do so then okay, maybe there is an argument to be made for the corruption and the lying that goes on in politics. That is an absolutely pointless and ignorant conversation to have though.

The fact is that corruption and deceit exist, and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

So the next time you get it rammed up your ass by a politician, take a step back and think, “Why didn’t I see this coming?”


This means how they vote, who they talk to, who donates to them, and what their proposed policies are.


We have to critically analyze not only who are candidates are as people, but also the things they propose we do. Politicians want to be elected, so all of the things they say are going to be things that sound nice. Your job is to decide if the things they say make sense.

And when you fail to do so, you deserve the consequences.

Realize that all the warm and fuzzy lies they tell us, are a direct result of our ignorance and selfishness.

Tell me in the comments if you believe it is more complicated than that.


3 thoughts on “Are politicians evil? Or are you just stupid?

  1. Rhythem Aggarwal

    It seems a little bit more complicated. Not all people of the society are as lerned as we. Having said that they also do not have as much means to stay updated as well. Also, a daily wager would probably not be going out for filing RTI to political party’s office for the said information. Which leaves them with only one source that provides information. The politicians themselves. Now lack of logical and analytical knowledge deprive them of the power to judge any statement because they lack premises to support their argument againts those of politicians. Hence, they fail to understand politician’s deceit. Now, if the number of such people increase in a society, they dominate other masses because their vote can be moulded easily. hence we generally see politicians speaking for the benifits and upliftment of poorer masses.
    P.S. all the statements I made was in view of the current political scenario un India. I am unaware of your country’s.

    1. Payne_Logic Post author

      I appreciate the response.

      In the U.S. The info in regards to who politicians are, meaning how they vote, is public record and available on GOV websites

      Info on who they are chumps with can be a little tricky to find, but still not difficult.

      But besides information being avaible, everything you said is the same here.

      It is very frustrating hahaha

  2. Rhythem Aggarwal

    Yeah. And even if people know who the politicians really are, then it is just the facade they know about. We are shown what we want to see. That’s how they feast the lamb before feasting it.


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