Fat Justice Workshop, Article by Paige Willey

I was just about to sit down and do a little write up on some feminist shenanigans when someone messaged me on Facebook. Naturally I got distracted, and I am glad I did!

I noticed on my Facebook timeline a story from  Ben Shapiro’s Truth and Revolt. The article talked about “Fat Justice” a ridiculous feminist movement. (I know, that was redundant)

I skimmed the article hoping to find a video (some days I get home from school and don’t want to read anymore). At the bottom I noticed a link and clicked it.

The link is below, and it links to an article by someone named Paige Willey. She attended a workshop put on by two women at her school. The workshop was obviously about “Fat Justice”.

Now  I thought Paige was a bit more savvy in terms of logic than the two women putting on this whopping workshop (hehe get it…) based on the beginning of her article, but she let me down towards the end.

She points out the ignorance of these women in terms of scientific knowledge, then illustrates her own ignorance with some statements on evolution, and other  topics of scientific nature.

Regardless of where she stands in terms of scientific knowledge, she had enough common sense to smell the fishiness of the of the two women… and also she saw how invalid their argument was… (hehe get it? okay I’ll stop)

Take a look at what she wrote about the workshop below

Fat Justice workshop degrades women, stretches truth.

I also searched Youtube and found a video of the workshop (I think this is the same workshop, if not, it seems to be consistent in content with the one that Ms. Willey wrote about, and might help to give you an understanding of the mindset these people maintain)

Now I have not watched it all because it is an hour long and quite honestly I don’t care to hear what she has to say. It is embarrassing for me to listen.

I am a christian, and my God says to treat all people as I would wish to be treated, and believe me I try my very best to do so.

However, there are certain things I am attracted to, and there are certain things I am not. One of those things is obesity, and I am sure most of you have that in common with me. Therefore this entire lecture is a waste of time. I declare that fat women (mostly, very few men whine about this) purposely try to blur the line between oppression, and acceptance of blatant disregard for their appearance. (Obviously)

This does not mean I treat them differently because they are fat, but it does mean that I will never be attracted them.

Knowing that this is true about myself, I will assume, right or wrong, that it is also true of others. Therefore, if I am an employer, trying to find a girl to fill the open spot at my Hooters restaurant, guess who I am not hiring… Sorry ladies that is the way it is.

Some of you were born with shitty genes, and others of you are just lazy, regardless neither of you are getting the position and nothing you say at a workshop on some college campus will change that.

…unless of course you indoctrinate students into believing the abolition of capitalism is a good thing… like it seems you are doing.


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