Can I have the attention of all you baby murdering, smack shooting, capitalists out there? STFU this election!!!

Earlier today I was reading Ann Coulter’s column (damn, I wish she was younger). In today’s column she talked about how young people never change, and if I understood the piece correctly, how we as conservatives need to adapt to that.

The point here is this, when wolves try to take down an elk, the pack works their way around the herd, and splits them up, making them weaker and more vulnerable.

Progressives do the same thing.

They have the conservatives of America at each others throats over trivial things. Things like the legalization of drugs and abortion. Social issues.

All these things do is make us weaker, and while I know it hurts, we need to look past these social issues, and see the big picture.


Earlier this week I had a friend ask me if I considered myself a libertarian or a conservative, and I told him neither. I told him that I am a traditional liberal. He was puzzled at this, and asked me how that could be, and so I explained…

We live in a constitutional republic. Period. That is a fact, a fact that has been, and is being ignored daily in our country. This is not a democracy. The only time one could use the word “democracy” to describe what we have, is right after the word “representative” and even then, this phrase is only properly used when discussing how we legislate.

We are a constitutional republic founded on economic and moral principles that our founding fathers put in ink for us during the framing of this great nation. They were things to be accepted, they were the platform of common ground for which we could stand upon during debate.

These principles where never intended to be questioned, for if they were the entire system would collapse. Much like the physical world would if the laws of physics were inconsistent.

It does not matter what the issues of debate are, debate cannot take place, without an established common ground by both parties.

If one is to discuss ethics/morals, one has to decide who’s ethics or morals will define right and wrong before approaching an issue in this area.

If one is to debate the best way to solve a problem, one must first establish that both parties agree there is a problem and that it does in fact need fixing.

This is why our constitutional republic has been so effective for so many years.

but things have changed…

There is a two party system (which is a fact of any effective system btw so stop bitching!)

and within this two party system the American public must choose between the lesser of two evil’s…

Only these days our common ground is being questioned…

Though unfortunate, it is logically simple.

Therefore by today’s standards I do not get to be a liberal. I call my self a constitutional conservative, and will vote for the republican candidate in 2016.

…And no, that candidate will not be perfect. In fact, he or she (though I really hope its he) will more than likely be very flawed. Hell, this candidate might even be a socialist, a RINO.

But we need to take this country back, and make it great as it once was, and electing republicans is the first step in doing so.

I want to take this country back to the days when I would have had the luxury of calling myself a liberal. When in my own, young, inexperienced opinion, I could fight with the old timers about social issues.

We need to establish our constitution once again as the supreme law of the land, and allow ourselves the luxury of debate. Because without common ground, debate is not debate, but rather it is something far more bloody, war.

And so I leave you with a quote from good ol’ Beck


-Glenn Beck

One step at a time America!

So to all you fiscally conservative college kids out there, who just can’t seem to figure out how a God damn condom goes on, please drop the abortion thing for a while, and focus on the fundamentals in this upcoming election.

Let’s take our common ground back.


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