Conservatives, you are old and stuffy!

It’s true! Conservatives are old and stuffy, and us young folk don’t care to hear what a fat, grey haired, cigar smoking, white devil has to say!

So why don’t you wake up!?

AM radio sucks!

White men suck!

Christianity sucks!

Formality sucks!

Wake up! We need a puppet like good ol’ Barry!

We need a Brad Pit lookin son of a bitch, with a black belt in karate, who listens to hip hop and drives a white camaro on black twenty twos if we ever want to take this country back.

Time to wake up America! We need more internet media, we need more satelite media, we need more youth outreach!

We need conservative a Justin Beiber, or a conservative one direction, a puppet to get little girls thinking straight.

It starts now folks, us kids are the future.

Take it from someone who is immersed in the system every day…

…you are losing


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