Leaders At Heart

     Earlier in the week I saw a news story on Fox that discussed a movement from commie women like Jennifer Garner, to ban the word bossy. (WTF was Condoleeza doing in that video…)

Their argument is that girls are afraid to be called bossy so that is why they are less interested in leadership. By taking this stance they are in fact somewhat stating that society is oppressing women by calling them bossy.

We all know this is pretty much ludicrous, most little girls get called bossy because they are in fact, BOSSY! (I have a little sister, I know this stuff for a fact)

There is an obvious difference between motivated and bossy, and I believe it is usually pretty evident. (That being said, most of my experiences with so called “motivated girls” have been bad ones. I would pretty much say they were in fact all bossy, not because they were motivated, but because of they way they believed they were superior)

But let’s say for a minute that this is in fact true. Let’s say that girls are afraid to be called bossy, and in turn have avoided leadership positions. Why is this a bad thing?

There are a few exceptions to a rule I am about to make, but few they are.

I would say it takes a person who doesn’t care what others think to be a leader. I would say that a leader naturally rises to the top and leads, regardless of the circumstances, hence, us calling them a leader.

…see my point…



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