Nice guy’s finish last! (They really do!)

There is only one reason why being a kind, loving, human being is a rational decision, and that is because currently quantum physics is pointing towards intelligent design.

Ever since my first day of 10th grade (first year of public school) I have had teachers tell me that ethics is important, we need to be able to critically think and determine right and wrong.

This has never really gone over well. When teachers say these things, I end up making myself look evil, when really I am just rational.

In public school everything is taught from a secular stand point because of the separation of church and state and all that jazz (Don’t even get me started on “The Separation”)

This is of course proof that most people are idiots.

If there is no God to answer to, if this is all we get in terms of life, then you are an absolute moron to be living a “morally acceptable” life.

Nothing about being a good person is rational, or easy unless you know “Hey I am going to spend eternity with God as long as I don’t steal my neighbors stuff!” and even then it’s not really easy.

More often than not, being a good person isn’t even fun, but we do it because we have a higher power to answer to one day. A higher power that is higher then us.

Higher is the key word here. It is the word that allows him to define right and wrong.

You see, you can’t tell me what is right and what is wrong anymore than I can tell you that. The argument can be made that what society says is right and wrong is what will stand, as being a part of society is conditional.

This argument holds some validity, except it’s in your best interest to not rely on that. Nice guys finish last.

I, like most men, I have a list of things that I would do if I didn’t believe in God. Luckily for society I am strong in my faith.


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