Uh Oh…

     This thing with Russia is kind of scary for a couple different reasons. The first of which being obviously that our president is a pussy, and will more than likely continue to be a pussy for the duration of this mess.

I am not saying go to war, obviously we are in no position for something like that. But for God’s sakes Barry, stop being such a PUSS! Tell the EPA and the Department of the Interior to shove it! Drill at Green River, and take Putin’s power away from him.

Anyways, I find this scary because I personally can’t see Obama putting his foot down, which means I have no Idea what will happen. Being a realist I always assume worst case scenario, which leads me to thoughts of drafts and horrible things like that. Reason being is that I am around the opinions of our youth daily.

If we get a handle on this thing for the duration of the near future, say 5 to 10 years, I think we will be in even more trouble. If Putin plays games and this thing get’s passed off as being kind of minor here in the states, it will be considered even more minor in a decade when it happens again.

Kids these days don’t believe in being a world power. They think it’s unfair. They don’t understand the evil of the world within our own borders yet, let alone what is on the outside. This scares me, because unless parents step up, and stress this upon there kids now, we could have even more Russia problems in the future.


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