Feminism Myth of the Week

     It seems that there is a group of girls at my school who fancy themselves feminists. This of course is comical. Even more comical is the constant battling that takes place on twitter daily between them and literally everyone else.

Like most people with a brain, modern feminism baffles me, and as a male who loves his mother, sister, girlfriend, grandmothers, cousins and other miscellaneous women in my life, the topic frustrates me.

Modern Day feminism does nothing but destroy families, and lead young impressionable girls astray. I could go on forever about feminism, why I hate it and why you should too, but I won’t.

As a wise woman once told me, “Everything in moderation”

So I will try and tackle a topic of argument or two for the next couple weeks just for fun. The kids at school seem to enjoy what I have to say, hopefully you will too.


     So it is pretty common to be bombarded with lies in school. One of these, appearing more and more, is that women make less money in the work place. Feminists love to quote the facts. “Eat my census you patriarchal rapist!” they scream.



Now there is an obvious explanation for the census data, and that is a lack of context. Obviously not all jobs are the same. You know the argument, I won’t spell it out for you. This is not the argument a want to attack.

However, recently I have run into many different people, teachers and teenage feminists alike, that claim women are paid less for doing the exact same jobs. Across the board, from babysitters to rocket scientists. This is the ridiculous argument I have eyes on.

This is an idiotic statement to make, for the following reason:

The SEC would not allow for any male employees if females could be payed less. The SEC does not take kindly to to companies screwing their stock holders. Stock holders invest believing that the company’s best interest is also their best interest. If the company could be making more money for their investors and they aren’t… Well then the federal government does what the federal government does best. They send in their three letter agency to rape you.

The second reason is this – Let’s say for a moment, theoretically, that women were payed less and the SEC was allowing it. How could this possibly be? Well the SEC is in charge of making sure that the company does what’s best for their stock holders, which is in turn typically whats best for the company. But what if hiring all men, was better for the company, and in turn better for the stock holder. I could go into very detailed explanation about hormones and biology, the insurance risks, the sexual harassment risks and last but not least the actual statistics on who calls in sick more often…

But why go through all of that when the internet can articulate my point so much quicker…



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