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Oh Ben…


Fat Justice Workshop, Article by Paige Willey

I was just about to sit down and do a little write up on some feminist shenanigans when someone messaged me on Facebook. Naturally I got distracted, and I am glad I did!

I noticed on my Facebook timeline a story from  Ben Shapiro’s Truth and Revolt. The article talked about “Fat Justice” a ridiculous feminist movement. (I know, that was redundant)

I skimmed the article hoping to find a video (some days I get home from school and don’t want to read anymore). At the bottom I noticed a link and clicked it.

The link is below, and it links to an article by someone named Paige Willey. She attended a workshop put on by two women at her school. The workshop was obviously about “Fat Justice”.

Now  I thought Paige was a bit more savvy in terms of logic than the two women putting on this whopping workshop (hehe get it…) based on the beginning of her article, but she let me down towards the end.

She points out the ignorance of these women in terms of scientific knowledge, then illustrates her own ignorance with some statements on evolution, and other  topics of scientific nature.

Regardless of where she stands in terms of scientific knowledge, she had enough common sense to smell the fishiness of the of the two women… and also she saw how invalid their argument was… (hehe get it? okay I’ll stop)

Take a look at what she wrote about the workshop below

Fat Justice workshop degrades women, stretches truth.

I also searched Youtube and found a video of the workshop (I think this is the same workshop, if not, it seems to be consistent in content with the one that Ms. Willey wrote about, and might help to give you an understanding of the mindset these people maintain)

Now I have not watched it all because it is an hour long and quite honestly I don’t care to hear what she has to say. It is embarrassing for me to listen.

I am a christian, and my God says to treat all people as I would wish to be treated, and believe me I try my very best to do so.

However, there are certain things I am attracted to, and there are certain things I am not. One of those things is obesity, and I am sure most of you have that in common with me. Therefore this entire lecture is a waste of time. I declare that fat women (mostly, very few men whine about this) purposely try to blur the line between oppression, and acceptance of blatant disregard for their appearance. (Obviously)

This does not mean I treat them differently because they are fat, but it does mean that I will never be attracted them.

Knowing that this is true about myself, I will assume, right or wrong, that it is also true of others. Therefore, if I am an employer, trying to find a girl to fill the open spot at my Hooters restaurant, guess who I am not hiring… Sorry ladies that is the way it is.

Some of you were born with shitty genes, and others of you are just lazy, regardless neither of you are getting the position and nothing you say at a workshop on some college campus will change that.

…unless of course you indoctrinate students into believing the abolition of capitalism is a good thing… like it seems you are doing.

Can I have the attention of all you baby murdering, smack shooting, capitalists out there? STFU this election!!!

Earlier today I was reading Ann Coulter’s column (damn, I wish she was younger). In today’s column she talked about how young people never change, and if I understood the piece correctly, how we as conservatives need to adapt to that.

The point here is this, when wolves try to take down an elk, the pack works their way around the herd, and splits them up, making them weaker and more vulnerable.

Progressives do the same thing.

They have the conservatives of America at each others throats over trivial things. Things like the legalization of drugs and abortion. Social issues.

All these things do is make us weaker, and while I know it hurts, we need to look past these social issues, and see the big picture.


Earlier this week I had a friend ask me if I considered myself a libertarian or a conservative, and I told him neither. I told him that I am a traditional liberal. He was puzzled at this, and asked me how that could be, and so I explained…

We live in a constitutional republic. Period. That is a fact, a fact that has been, and is being ignored daily in our country. This is not a democracy. The only time one could use the word “democracy” to describe what we have, is right after the word “representative” and even then, this phrase is only properly used when discussing how we legislate.

We are a constitutional republic founded on economic and moral principles that our founding fathers put in ink for us during the framing of this great nation. They were things to be accepted, they were the platform of common ground for which we could stand upon during debate.

These principles where never intended to be questioned, for if they were the entire system would collapse. Much like the physical world would if the laws of physics were inconsistent.

It does not matter what the issues of debate are, debate cannot take place, without an established common ground by both parties.

If one is to discuss ethics/morals, one has to decide who’s ethics or morals will define right and wrong before approaching an issue in this area.

If one is to debate the best way to solve a problem, one must first establish that both parties agree there is a problem and that it does in fact need fixing.

This is why our constitutional republic has been so effective for so many years.

but things have changed…

There is a two party system (which is a fact of any effective system btw so stop bitching!)

and within this two party system the American public must choose between the lesser of two evil’s…

Only these days our common ground is being questioned…

Though unfortunate, it is logically simple.

Therefore by today’s standards I do not get to be a liberal. I call my self a constitutional conservative, and will vote for the republican candidate in 2016.

…And no, that candidate will not be perfect. In fact, he or she (though I really hope its he) will more than likely be very flawed. Hell, this candidate might even be a socialist, a RINO.

But we need to take this country back, and make it great as it once was, and electing republicans is the first step in doing so.

I want to take this country back to the days when I would have had the luxury of calling myself a liberal. When in my own, young, inexperienced opinion, I could fight with the old timers about social issues.

We need to establish our constitution once again as the supreme law of the land, and allow ourselves the luxury of debate. Because without common ground, debate is not debate, but rather it is something far more bloody, war.

And so I leave you with a quote from good ol’ Beck


-Glenn Beck

One step at a time America!

So to all you fiscally conservative college kids out there, who just can’t seem to figure out how a God damn condom goes on, please drop the abortion thing for a while, and focus on the fundamentals in this upcoming election.

Let’s take our common ground back.

Conservatives, you are old and stuffy!

It’s true! Conservatives are old and stuffy, and us young folk don’t care to hear what a fat, grey haired, cigar smoking, white devil has to say!

So why don’t you wake up!?

AM radio sucks!

White men suck!

Christianity sucks!

Formality sucks!

Wake up! We need a puppet like good ol’ Barry!

We need a Brad Pit lookin son of a bitch, with a black belt in karate, who listens to hip hop and drives a white camaro on black twenty twos if we ever want to take this country back.

Time to wake up America! We need more internet media, we need more satelite media, we need more youth outreach!

We need conservative a Justin Beiber, or a conservative one direction, a puppet to get little girls thinking straight.

It starts now folks, us kids are the future.

Take it from someone who is immersed in the system every day…

…you are losing

Leaders At Heart

     Earlier in the week I saw a news story on Fox that discussed a movement from commie women like Jennifer Garner, to ban the word bossy. (WTF was Condoleeza doing in that video…)

Their argument is that girls are afraid to be called bossy so that is why they are less interested in leadership. By taking this stance they are in fact somewhat stating that society is oppressing women by calling them bossy.

We all know this is pretty much ludicrous, most little girls get called bossy because they are in fact, BOSSY! (I have a little sister, I know this stuff for a fact)

There is an obvious difference between motivated and bossy, and I believe it is usually pretty evident. (That being said, most of my experiences with so called “motivated girls” have been bad ones. I would pretty much say they were in fact all bossy, not because they were motivated, but because of they way they believed they were superior)

But let’s say for a minute that this is in fact true. Let’s say that girls are afraid to be called bossy, and in turn have avoided leadership positions. Why is this a bad thing?

There are a few exceptions to a rule I am about to make, but few they are.

I would say it takes a person who doesn’t care what others think to be a leader. I would say that a leader naturally rises to the top and leads, regardless of the circumstances, hence, us calling them a leader.

…see my point…


Nice guy’s finish last! (They really do!)

There is only one reason why being a kind, loving, human being is a rational decision, and that is because currently quantum physics is pointing towards intelligent design.

Ever since my first day of 10th grade (first year of public school) I have had teachers tell me that ethics is important, we need to be able to critically think and determine right and wrong.

This has never really gone over well. When teachers say these things, I end up making myself look evil, when really I am just rational.

In public school everything is taught from a secular stand point because of the separation of church and state and all that jazz (Don’t even get me started on “The Separation”)

This is of course proof that most people are idiots.

If there is no God to answer to, if this is all we get in terms of life, then you are an absolute moron to be living a “morally acceptable” life.

Nothing about being a good person is rational, or easy unless you know “Hey I am going to spend eternity with God as long as I don’t steal my neighbors stuff!” and even then it’s not really easy.

More often than not, being a good person isn’t even fun, but we do it because we have a higher power to answer to one day. A higher power that is higher then us.

Higher is the key word here. It is the word that allows him to define right and wrong.

You see, you can’t tell me what is right and what is wrong anymore than I can tell you that. The argument can be made that what society says is right and wrong is what will stand, as being a part of society is conditional.

This argument holds some validity, except it’s in your best interest to not rely on that. Nice guys finish last.

I, like most men, I have a list of things that I would do if I didn’t believe in God. Luckily for society I am strong in my faith.

Uh Oh…

     This thing with Russia is kind of scary for a couple different reasons. The first of which being obviously that our president is a pussy, and will more than likely continue to be a pussy for the duration of this mess.

I am not saying go to war, obviously we are in no position for something like that. But for God’s sakes Barry, stop being such a PUSS! Tell the EPA and the Department of the Interior to shove it! Drill at Green River, and take Putin’s power away from him.

Anyways, I find this scary because I personally can’t see Obama putting his foot down, which means I have no Idea what will happen. Being a realist I always assume worst case scenario, which leads me to thoughts of drafts and horrible things like that. Reason being is that I am around the opinions of our youth daily.

If we get a handle on this thing for the duration of the near future, say 5 to 10 years, I think we will be in even more trouble. If Putin plays games and this thing get’s passed off as being kind of minor here in the states, it will be considered even more minor in a decade when it happens again.

Kids these days don’t believe in being a world power. They think it’s unfair. They don’t understand the evil of the world within our own borders yet, let alone what is on the outside. This scares me, because unless parents step up, and stress this upon there kids now, we could have even more Russia problems in the future.