One thing I find most irritating is a refusal to accept reality.

You can only control your controllables, so don’t waste your fretting about what you can’t change. This is the logical way of life.

I think the most prevalent example of this in society today is the feminist rape argument. Another being that of the anti-bank sentiment prevalent amongst many liberals today. For simplicity’s sake, lets look at the feminists shall we?

We all know rape is wrong. We all think that rapists should be punished. We also know that it is important for us as a society (by that I mean parents, not schools you commie!) to teach our youth that we need to respect one another, men and women alike.


But rape happens… it happens because there are bad guys in the world.

Yet feminists all over the country campaign around naked, stating that they should be allowed to walk up the street naked if they want to, and that men should have more self control.

To be honest, I don’t want to see most feminists naked… there isn’t much to see anyways. Their excess of hair due to the lack of patriarchy supported shaving, covers up so much they might as well be wearing clothes.

But maybe they are right, and for the sake of this discussion lets say that they are. Men should have more self control, and what a woman wears shouldn’t jeopardize her safety… BUT IT DOES!!!

So in the mean time, heed your old man’s warning instead of thumbing your nose at him yet again, and put on something modest you ignorant people.

I don’t want to live in a reality this screwed up either, but I wasn’t given a choice. I can’t control whether or not people have a moral code. So I won’t fret about it, as is the logical thing to do.

Control your controllables…



  1. Mr. Perfect

    For real, I hate the blame the victim menality….it’s like a black kid with a hoodie and sagging pants is asking to be profiled and killed by cops….or a neighborhood watch loon…..nobody profiles catholic priests or bankers. Back to women though…if men saw women more as humans versus objects and property we wouldn’t have this problem….a lot of it comes from religion, the media, and passing down of f*cked up mentalities.

    1. Payne_Logic Post author

      I am not blaming the victim fully. All I am saying is that reality is what it is, no matter how much you want it to be different it won’t be. Is there a way to change society? Sure, depending on the situation.

      The way to do this though is not by running around putting yourself in danger.

      In terms of profiling, it saves lives, end of story, sorry you don’t like that fact.

      Catholic preachers and bankers are harshly profiled, I recommend you research that more, you couldn’t be more incorrect. Not that profiling is bad once again.

      1. Mr. Perfect

        You’re right….but the reality could change if America didn’t promote rape culture..ex. colleges protect rapists a lot of times just to keep enrollment up….women being objectified and seeing as inferior promotes rape also ie. The Bible…*t can change bro, sexism doesn’t exist for 3 and 4 year olds, it’s taught.

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